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Jan 23, 2013 07:46 AM

16th Street Heights / Brightwood

Are there any good restaurants, and more importantly, and good "hole in the wall" type places in the 16th Street Heights / Brightwood / Brightwood Park area? I'm thinking roughly from Emerson St north to Military Rd/Missouri Ave, 16th St east to Georgia Ave.

New to the area and ready to explore!

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  1. Not much. The area is a restaurant desert, IMO. We've lived in Brightwood for 10 years and have been to pretty much every restaurant in the immediate area.

    Chez Auntie Libe on Ga. Ave. close to Rittenhouse is one to try, though. It's a tiny joint that serves Senegambian food. African ex-pats and former Peace Corps types make up the clientele. Definitely worth checking out.

    There is Teddy's Rotis, on 7304 Ga. Ave between Fern and Geranium. It's Trinidadian food in a tiny hole in the wall.

    Washington Deli, on Ga. Ave. between Madison and Missouri, makes pizza and subs.

    Haydee's (6303 Ga. Ave. close to Sheridan) was lousy the two times we went, and we haven't been tempted to go back. Maybe it has improved. It's Mexican/El Salvadoran fare.

    Fusion is on Ga. Ave. and Delafield. It's Indian, and the chef is a lovely person and worked at Rasika before opening Fusion. We used to go all the time, but noticed the past couple of times a drop-off in quality. We hope that was just a hiccup, because there is nothing else like it in the area. The chef has bought The Hitching Post on Upshur, which was a popular Southern/soul food place and apparently the chef will continue to serve a similar menu.

    Moroni Brothers is right next door to Fusion. It's a pizza place; quite popular.

    Fusion and Moroni Bros. are closer to Petworth than Brightwood. I haven't included places in Takoma and Columbia Heights and farther into Petworth.

    I'll be curious to see whether anyone else comes up with something I missed. Like I said, the area has a marked lack of decent or even mediocre restaurants.

    1. Just a bit south on 14th St is El Don, which has my favorite papusas in the area. The homemade curtido is exceptional.

      1. I think Chez Aunty Libe is a bit north on 14th St. It is very, very good. Senegalese cooking featuring maffe, whole fish, yassa chicken, and manioc. Well worth going to, especially if you can convince others to join you.

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          I don;t know ... their own website says they are still at 6115 Georgia Avenue.

          If they have moved, they should update their site.

          1. re: eam531

            The OP asked for places north until Military, and Chez Aunty Libe, since it is 2 blocks north of that boundary, doesn't quite fit into the request. But it is close.

            No, they have not moved.

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              Thanks for the responses everyone. My first impression of the area is that there is little in the way of good eats, but it sounds like there might be a few options worth making regular visits to. I'll investigate and let everyone know what I find.

              Mr. BT