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Jan 23, 2013 07:36 AM

Salads, 2013

Including boring salads and decent chain restaurant salads.

Little Market Salad at Joey

Garden Salad at Stack (burger patty on the side for an additional $4) decent garden salad, but I wish they'd make the dressings in house.

Hellenik Grill's Greek salad with Chicken

Best Salads 2012

Salads 2012

Great Salads 2010

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  1. Enjoyed the oft-recommended Caesar, with Spanish anchovy, at Jacobs.

    Wonderful Dungeness crab, basil, grapefruit, pomegranate salad on the tasting menu at George a couple weeks ago. There's another Dungeness crab salad on the current menu.

    Delicious two tone romaine salad with brioche croutons and marinated eel at Canoe.

    1. I was impressed by the salads at the casual Holt's counter (where the staff serves the salads you choose, I'm not talking about the express pre-packaged salads), on the lower concourse of the Holt Renfrew Centre. The curried chicken with apple, the Middle Eastern salad with chickpeas, the kale/currant/parm/pine nut and the dill/egg/potato salad were all quite good. I like Holt's salads from the concourse level better than any recent take-out salads I've had at Whole Foods or Pusateri's. Prices are roughly the same as what I'd be paying at Whole Foods or Pusateri's.

      I also like the splurge $19 salads at Holt's Cafe on the second floor of Holts.

      1. My original favourite salad is the shrimp salad at Utopia, but just had the mushroom goat cheese at, again Utopia, and it was amazing!

        1. vegans/fans of delicious salads should try hibiscus on Augusta street, they have a great salad of quinoa, sweet potato, lentils, beans, and a bunch of other ever changing stuff for under 8 bucks. It's definitely a meal more than a salad and is very good

          i ate in the rom cafe out of necessity this week and actually had a fairly alright quinoa raisin kale with a citrus vinaigrette. not what I expected to find goin in there

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            The soup and salad combo at Hibiscus is one of my favourite lunch options. The salads are always tasty and substantial, my favourite elements being the marinated rainbow chard and the okara with shiitake mushrooms.

          2. I had a great winter veg salad at Hey Meatball around New Years. Fantastic. Came with my meatball sandwich. I still remember it.