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Jan 23, 2013 05:53 AM

Trip during the Final Four

I get to cross an item off my bucket list.

I'll be in Atl during the Final Four (April 6th, 7th and 8th) and I will be staying at the Embassy Suites Centennial Olympic Park and I need some suggestions when it comes to places to eat.

A couple of guidelines:

First, nothing too fancy I plan on wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt most if not all of the time.

Second, walking or a short cab ride (20 min)

And third, I must have a good chicken and waffles suggestion.

Thanks for your help

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  1. i went last time we held it--bought scalped tickets for midcourt---most expensive ticket ever for me.Anyway, the Biergarten is right up the street --funplace. Theres a Ruth Chris near your hotel--- for casual theres a Dantannas and Taco Mac in the omni hotel complex, as well as a McCormick and Schmick. The Melia hotel has a place too and theres a Teds Montana Grill nearby--None of thewres are foodie spots All of them will be totally mobbed so make reservations soon.PS theres also a decent spoy atome the Westin Peachtree hotel too.Cant help with chickn and waflles sorry Also if youre a beer drinker please konw that theres no beer sales at the final 4--i didnt know that have fun

    1. Check previous posts about the "Luckie/Marietta" district. Bunch of options there.
      Also, if you consider taking MARTA, you'll have many good options in midtown.
      And from the North Ave exit (or you can take a cab) you'll find Gladys and Rons for your chicken and waffles.

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        hes staying near Omni so i dont think he'd take MARTA,unless youre thinkng taking a bus. The place looks cool, didnt know Gladys Knight was involved-Itd probablty be a 10-15 min cab ride--or see if you can figure out how to take a bus--You could walk to Peachtree RD in about 15 minutes, then take a bus up to the restairant-iull look on mapquest and see how far it is

      2. looked it up on google maps--its only 1.1 miles from the hotel--i wouldnt walk it after dark, or when there werent too many folks on the street--go to, put in embassy suites atlanta then click on wlaking directions, and put in gladys and rons and itll show you a walking route

        1. Since you opened it up to a 20-min cab ride, you have a lot of options. Empire State South is definately jeans & t-shirt casual, but fantastic food. I would also suggest Six Feet Under (on the Westside) as a good place to hang out that's not too far away. And if you're into burgers, despite much debate on this board, I still really like Flip Burger (Howell Mill location is within your range).