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Jan 22, 2013 11:51 PM

can someone explain the spread/evolution of mexican food in california?

not exactly where or how to phrase this.

i've lived in la, san diego, spent a lot of time in the bay area and now live near sacramento.

the unique things that stand out are "mission style" burritos from the bay area, and sd's rolled tacos/ca burritos (carne asada, fries, sour cream, guac) /fish tacos.

is there a particular name or style associated with the san diego type food? it seems to be spreading out to sacramento at least in the last couple years but that's just anecdotal evidence

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  1. Closest I can come is "Baja" style, but that applies mainly to fish tacos. Which are what G*d eats when He pulls in a good catch. :)

    1. I have not read it, so I can't tell you what might be in the book:

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        A good book by a nice, smart man! He is editor of the OC Weekly and also often writes about food.

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          second time i've seen that book mentioned. will have to give it a look when i have some time to read. thanks for the link!

        2. have you read this thread?

          I think West Coast Mexican food might be more inclusive,
          given the migratory patterns of Mexicans, especially farm workers/fruit and vegetable pickers who have followed the harvests up and down for many years.
          Mission Burritos were supposedly a result of the need to make a hearty all in one meal sufficient to fuel those pickers, just as an example.

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            yeah i have.

            its totally anecdotal, so i didn't include it in the op. ca burritos are my favorite, so i search them out. places that offer them usually have menus that mirror those of the san diego style restaurants and not those of the local mexican menus.

            it seems more of these places are spreading to my area recently in the last year or so.

            i guess a better title would be if sd style mexican food has a name.