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Jan 30, 2006 01:12 PM

GREAT places btwn LA and MAMMOTH

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I'v been going to mammoth alot this season and looking for some yummy food on the way there and back.

in mojave I have found a great italien right on the highway called grazianos! but other wise alot of fast food and a lot of small town looking places...Which could be good , but who wants to experiment with every dive along hwy 395......

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  1. I've been going to Mammoth at least a half dozen times a year for the last 4 years. Ever open-minded and optimistic, I've experimented with many of the dives along 395. I won't waste everybody's time with an encyclopedic list of all the forgettable eateries. The single place that I go back to is the Ranch House Cafe in Olancha. There's a small sign, and if you blink you'll miss it (I've done it), especially since Olancha is one of the small towns where you actually DON'T have to slow down to 25 mph. It's on the west side of the highway, and parking is right in front.

    Now, don't walk in there expecting the Restaurant at Convict Lake or Nevado's. It's down home, casual charm. Red table cloths and old wooden booths. Various taxidermy specimens. A rack of postcards. Basics like ribs, steaks, corn bread, and mochas. No pretensions, just friendly and fast service. I always leave satisfied. With 3 hungry children, I can't emphasize how important the fast service is!

    I wouldn't exactly elevate the Ranch House Cafe to a true chowhound destination, but it's the perfect antidote to grumbly tumblies on that long and lonely stretch of Highway 395. Just beware the men's room...