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Jan 22, 2013 09:54 PM

First time must-visit restaurants!

Headed to New Orleans for the Super Bowl and staying in The Marigny. It's my first time in New Orleans and I'm so excited to eat some amazing food.

Are there any must-visit restaurants close to where I'm staying that you could recommend?

Thanks so much!

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  1. The Marigny is in close proximity to the quarter, where there are tons of options available. Search this board for recs. If you are not wanting to venture far from your hotel, there are some good eats. Cake cafe is a nice place for breakfast. I've had some good japanese pub grub at Yuki Izakaya. Ive also had some good meals at Adolphos - its a pretty casual creole italian place above the apple barrel bar. If you're in the mood for soul food, I've eaten well at the Praline Connection too. Im sure many of the locals can provide some more recomendations. Lots of great music venues as well.

    1. Keep in mind Adolfos is cash only and first-come-first served but go anyway. And any southerner can get better soul food in their hometown than you can get at Praline Connection. Agree that the Cake Cafe is fine for breakfast.

      1. Read a bit about Restaurant R'evolution (in the Quarter), which many have called the best new restaurant of the year. We had an outstanding meal there. If possible, book the counter by the kitchen.

        The Three Muses, on Frenchman St., has a tapas-style menu and live jazz. We enjoyed it.

        Our best breakfasts were at Le Croissant d'Or, also in the Quarter.

        Further afield, we enjoyed an outstanding meal at Coquette, in the Garden District.

        Search this board, or for more info on each of the above suggestions.

        1. It will be difficult to get into many of the name restaurants and in those in popular places like Frenchman street. Many of the name places will have buy outs on at least one night through the long weekend.

          I happen to be a fan of Praline Connection and hit their booth every FQF. But there is also Two Sisters.

          But there is nothing wrong with staying with all the new small places in the Marigny

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            I like the Praline Connection festival food, particularly the grilled chicken livers. The couple of times I've eaten at the restaurant itself, I've been less impressed.

          2. Haven't been in quite a while, but Feelings Cafe had a very nice menu, gorgeous courtyard to counteract it's cheezy name...