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Jan 22, 2013 08:21 PM

Showing our friends what pdx is all about.

First time local entertainer/tour guides here.
Anyone got suggestions on a quintessential portland dinner with a good room?

Its a young couple party, so drinks, mid range price, and SE/East side preferred.

Nedd Ludd
Olympic Provisions SE
Little Bird

Any cheap dinner recs?
Thinking lardo,trigger, or something like that.

Got Good burger spot?

Any thing im missing or thoughts ?

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  1. We just dined at Little Bird for the third time on Mon. night, it's amazing! Le Pigeon is also really good. You may want to check out Departure Lounge at The Nines, another one of our favorites with awesome city views. :).

    1. I had a cheeseburger and fries at BAR BAR recently (attached to Mississippi Studios). So good. Cheap. Very Portland.

      Podnah's, Chiang Mai, Victory Bar are some cheaper dinner spots. Lardo is great. Trigger - my one experience was lukewarm.

      1. For a good burger, it is hard to beat Tasty n Sons during happy hour (2:30-5:00pm) - $7 for their burger:

        You can also do Happy Hour at Nostrana from 9pm onwards, which is always fun.

        My current quintessential PDX experience is Tanuki - you can choose to do omakase for $15-30. Their $15 omakase is as budget-minded as you can get for the quality of food that they serve.

        I prefer Le Pigeon to Little Bird and Apizza Scholls to Ken's, but that is more a preference.

        1. Biwa is oft discussed here and is a great spot with good food and a very fun vibe. Bar Avignon rarely gets mentioned here but the food is top notch right now, it has a full bar and the wine list is smart and fair. We split apps of chicory salad with great crispy/sweet lardons and a touch of blue cheese, a delicious foie gras agnolotti and an octopus and sausage dish done with squash pasta in a Spanish-y style tomato sauce. All were great, filling and came it around 12 bucks each. Casual upscale. Good place. Also, unbeknownst to many the Whiskey Soda Lounge does Pad Thai after 10 PM for 9 bucks. Only time they make that dish.