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Jan 22, 2013 08:16 PM

Suggestions for Food Tour in Rome

Hello! Excitedly planning a May visit to Rome. I definitely want to participate in a food tour on our first day. I've read good things about the private tours offered by Elizabeth Minchilli and the group tour by Eating Italy. Would love to do both but suppose I should take in some of the other sites :) I would love to hear from anyone on their experiences! Grazie!

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  1. I would book a tour with Elizabeth in a heartbeat - along with a wine tasting with VinoRoma.

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      I would also add Antiqua Tours for a walking wine tasting/tour of Rome (just don't book on a Sunday as most Enoteca and closed). It would be a nice balance with Elizabeth's food tour.

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        I would second ekc's recommendation about the wine tasting with VinoRoma. Without detracting from the recommendation for Elizabeth, I would also suggest checking out Katie Parla ( and the newly-launched Rome Digest.

        Sorry--here's the link:

      2. I have done the eating italy tours and they are great. The groups are relatively small (we will eight people I think) and the value for your money is excellent.

        1. I also recommend Elizabeth MInchilli - she is definitely the authority on Roman food!

          1. Are you also looking for tours to balance out the food end of things? Hard to tell....

            If so, I'd recommend looking into tours with both Italy Hotline and Context. In addition to the regular tours of ancient Rome, the Vatican, etc. both companies have a lot of other fun tours that are a bit different, like underground Rome, Rome by Night, etc.

            And I thoroughly second everyone's advice to book at tour with VinoRoma.


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