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Jan 22, 2013 05:29 PM

Driving from DTW to Gaylord

So my husband and I land in DTW after midnight and after the flight from Dallas, we'll probably be starved. We haven't been home in nearly four years, so I'm wondering, what truck stop, 24 hour joint should we stop at on the way up the Gaylord. Any suggestions?

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  1. Most places open all night tend to be chains. I went to college at Northern Michigan and I remember the trip up north. It involved stoping at a lot of Big Boys. I'm not sure Tony's in Birch Run is open all night?

    1. It's not 24 hours, but the Turkey Roost in Kawkawlin (just off I-75) is a place that I'll go to any time of day they're open (6:30AM-8PM). It's been there for-stinking-ever, and it's basically the perfect roadside restaurant. Great food focusing on their forte, absolutely fast, and very affordable.

      I realize that it might not be suitable depending on your time frame, but there's a couple other reason to inform you about it.

      1. Your flight could be late, and if your place landed around 2:30AM-3AM, you'd arrive in time for breakfast, in which case, yes! Stop there and eat! I've eaten their breakfast, and it's plenty good! Then again, if you're hungry for Thanksgiving dinner at 6:30AM, they'll be happy to serve you that, too! Options!

      2. You'll have to travel *back*, now won't you? So even if you can't hit it on the way, you could hit it on the way back.

      3. I just love the place, and have loved it for a long, long time. If I go up that way, I always stop. If I honestly can't, I lament it, big time.

      Hope that somewhat helps!

      1. You might want to look at the I75 Exit Guide:

        1. Isn't there anything along I 275 they could hit for a nosh? A 24 hr coney island in Livonia or Plymouth...

          If you end up heading up the road a bit later than midnight :), I've wanted to try this place in Fenton which opens at 7

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            There's White Castles at 275 and Ford Road, but I wouldn't want to be in a closed vehicle with other people all the way to Gaylord after that! <g>