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Jan 22, 2013 04:16 PM

hosteria del piccolo dinela lunch

yesterday i had the pasta Norma:
red sauce and eggplant

this was solid

today i had the pasta Neri:
squid ink tagliolini, shrimp, vegetables julienne, and white wine

this was better than solid.

$15 for a two course lunch. a bargain in my eyes.

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  1. i tried the beef tongue with tuna sauce in hostaria venice. loved it. not too crazy about the vegan testarossa pizza. too dry.

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    1. re: fdb

      to my palate, their pastas are superior to their pizzas.
      (i know, it's comparing apples and oranges.)
      in terms of quality, almost every pasta i've been served at hosteria del piccolo has been in the same league as those that have been served to me at valentino.

      will be going to the mother-ship, piccolo, tonight.
      will report back.