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Jan 22, 2013 02:31 PM

Fun dinner idea

Hey! I just wanted to see if anyone had and great ideas for me!

My husband and I are having our good friends over for dinner on Friday night and was looking for some fun, unique ideas for either activities or some type of food theme!

We have them over all the time for dinner, drinks and games and its always a blast Im just looking for a different little twist!!


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  1. If you're looking for "activities" it is always fun doing some sort of tasting (or blind tasting (haha for those that read the spirits thread).

    Maybe do a "guess the protein" tasting with bits of pork, beef, chicken.

    Or shrimp 3-ways (boiled, oil poached, roasted) just for some fun. . .

    Do a wine tasting.

    Thousands of options and not a lot of direction from you as far as what you like to cook, eat, drink . . . .hard to help.

      1. Sometimes for a group of friends I do a taco bar, which works particularly well when you have a group of people with varying tastes. I provide soft and hard shell tacos, spiced beef and chicken, lots of chopped veggies (don't forget the jalapeƱos!), Mexican rice, beans and cheese, as well as a variety of hot sauces. This works for both adults and kids, mixed carnivore/veggie crowds, pretty much anyone. Sometimes I accompany this with a mix-your-own margarita bar.

        1. Too late now, I fear, but some thoughts for next time...

          -i like to do menus where everything is from scratch that others might buy i.e. enchiladas -- homemade enchilada sauce, sometimes the tortillas, homemade tortilla chips, salsa, guac (i know the last two aren't particularly uncommon as homemade)

          -if you feel comfortable, japanese/sushi dinner -- crispy fried rice with sesame tuna tartar, sushi/rolls (as elaborate as you like - i've done tuna, lobster, crab, rainbow, BBQ'd eel, some sashimi (maybe albacore with ponzu), lightly salted steamed edamame, miso soup, etc.

          -homemade pasta party -- involve guests in rolling out the dough and cooking; have them bring sauces they like or ingredients they'd like and/or premake some

          -dumpling party/bar -- everybody can customize and cook together

          -the boy and i like to have cook-offs with our friends -- everyone coming submits three ingredients (without conferring with each other), then a list gets sent out -- usually i'll have people pre-prep things if they like -- each person preps a dish, or a couple prepares one or two dishes, which have to include at least one ingredient from each guest's suggested list. it's always a fun mish mash dinner

          -i also love prepping a bunch of dishes and/or sauces for our meal, then everyone submits the list of ingredients he or she believes are in them; most ingredients guessed gets a prize

          1. Two friends of ours cannot stop talking about a bar they visit in the midwest on an annual visit to friends and the place puts on a superb Bloody Mary bar.

            This ain't just drinks; there's bacon, shrimp, oysters and even roast beef -- it's apps and drinks at once; with all the sauces, spices, etc.

            Now, at this once-yearly drunkfest they also take their clothes off... but I don't know if you and your guests are ready for that...