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Dressing Up Pancake Batter

I have no desire to make pancake batter from scratch, but I use the Kodiak Cakes whole grain pancake batter on occasion. I recently made some pancakes, and while they were tasty (with real maple syrup and butter), I was pondering how to make them more interesting.

Obviously, I could cut up some fruit or something (apples, bananas, etc.), but does anyone have any other suggestions?

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  1. Try crushed (chunk - not too small) pecans! We do this all the time and it's great. Pour your batter onto the griddle, then sprinkle liberally with the pecans before flipping.

    Also, adding some cornmeal to the batter adds a nice touch too...


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      I was wondering about adding cornmeal - I thought it seemed like it would taste good. Thanks!

    2. Pecans. Blueberries. Nutmeg. Cardamom. Dried unsweetened coconut. A bit of sour cream. Vanilla extract. Granola.

      1. Bacon, Ham or Sausage

        1. I love the combination of apple chunks, bacon or ham, cheese and maple syrup. This works (and I originally ate it) as a crepe filling (there the cheese is made into a sauce), but just as well with pancakes, especially as a supper dish with a salad.

          1. Another vote for pecans. Crunchy,sweet,nutty goodness that adds some protein to the carbfest!

            1. Add some grated ginger and/or cardamom

              1. Some of our individual pancake batters get add ins that include: pumpkin puree, or chocolate syrup, or caramel sauce, fresh herbs for a savory pancake, rose water, sliced bananas, of course any berry.

                We also like crushed nuts on plain pancakes that have been slightly toasted in the oven or a dry pan with cinnamon and sage.

                Maple syrup, honey, jam, jelly, fresh fruit, goat cheese all make nice pancake toppings/spreads.

                And don't forget about filled pancakes like sausage links, bacon or a sausage patty btwn the prepared pancake layers.

                Pancake stacks with nutella, peanut butter or whipped mascarpone cheese spread btwn the layers then cut the stack for single servings (like you would a cake).

                Cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, vanilla bean, lavender buds, edible flowers and dark honeys make for interesting flavorings in the batter too.

                1. are we keeping them as pancakes?
                  the japanese like to use pancake mix to make easy/instant sweets. i'm just sayin'

                  unhealthy but i like my pancakes buttery so i add melted butter to the batter. there are also common concepts like adding cocoa or chocolate chips. pumpkin spice is another idea. or you could take them and do a pigs in a blanket idea with sausage...

                    1. We also use cornmeal - love it
                      A few spoonfulls of strawberry (or other) jam
                      My husband will cut up banana or apple and "sautee" them in butter, brown sugar and cinammon or cardamom before adding to the batter

                      A savoury pancake of ham/bacon a green onion topped with maple syrup (sounds wierd, but tasty)

                      1. Add a little baking powder and sugar to the mix for slightly lighter, sweeter pancakes.

                        1. I use Arrowhead brand when not up to making my own. My "standard" additions are always vanilla, cinnamon and ground flax seed no matter what. To dress them up I have a few variations depending on the season and mood

                          -pureed pumpkin and all spice
                          -pureed really ripe bananas and walnuts
                          -chocolate chips
                          -paper thin slices of apple in a pinwheel shape
                          -brown sugar and pecans

                          1. These are all awesome suggestions - and I definitely checked out that other thread once I saw it!

                            Thanks, guys!