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Jan 22, 2013 02:14 PM

Dressing Up Pancake Batter

I have no desire to make pancake batter from scratch, but I use the Kodiak Cakes whole grain pancake batter on occasion. I recently made some pancakes, and while they were tasty (with real maple syrup and butter), I was pondering how to make them more interesting.

Obviously, I could cut up some fruit or something (apples, bananas, etc.), but does anyone have any other suggestions?

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  1. Try crushed (chunk - not too small) pecans! We do this all the time and it's great. Pour your batter onto the griddle, then sprinkle liberally with the pecans before flipping.

    Also, adding some cornmeal to the batter adds a nice touch too...


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      I was wondering about adding cornmeal - I thought it seemed like it would taste good. Thanks!

    2. Pecans. Blueberries. Nutmeg. Cardamom. Dried unsweetened coconut. A bit of sour cream. Vanilla extract. Granola.

      1. Bacon, Ham or Sausage

        1. I love the combination of apple chunks, bacon or ham, cheese and maple syrup. This works (and I originally ate it) as a crepe filling (there the cheese is made into a sauce), but just as well with pancakes, especially as a supper dish with a salad.

          1. Another vote for pecans. Crunchy,sweet,nutty goodness that adds some protein to the carbfest!