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Jan 22, 2013 01:13 PM

Potatoes in soups/stews that will be frozen?

We are a small family (2) and I really enjoy making soups and stews. Since recipes for these always seem to result in 6 or more servings. I therefore generally freeze the leftovers, and reheat them for another dinner. Whenever I try to freeze and reheat anything that contains potato, it seems that the result is always sort of pasty...the potato does not seem to take well to freezing and reheating. This is not so much a problem with stews, since with stews I often cook the potatoes separately each time, and don't freeze them. Many soup recipes however include potatoes as a crucial ingredient, and they are necessary to develop the right thickness/texture of the result. Is there some way to avoid the pastiness that I've noted with freezing and reheating these. Is there a specific potato that works better...or a different treatment thereof??

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  1. That's the nature of potatoes. As to potato being a "crucial" part of the soup/stew b/c it's a thickener use tapioca flour instead or make a roux. Prepare the potatoes when your serve the soup/stew.

    1. I avoid freezing potatoes at all costs. I suggest cooking them separately so you can add them to your soup just before serving.