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Jan 22, 2013 12:37 PM

Beef Cheeks in Dallas?

Anyone have any ideas when to source or do I need to special order? Thanks in advance

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    1. The El Rancho in Richardson on Coit had them the last time I was there. Called "cachete" in Spanish.

      1. Thanks guys. Will check both today.

        1. They had them indeeed. Frozen, but it works. Never been to an El Rancho as I usually shop at La Michoacana or Fiesta. I was really pleasantly suprized by the quality of thier produce. Really nice stuff. Much, much better than any Tom Thumb.

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          1. yep. Yep, I'm a daily Whole Foods shopper due to proximity and quality of produce, so this was a breath of fresh air. El Rancho will be on my rotation since it's not far from my office.

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            1. re: J.R.

              Last time I shopped for those I found them at Walmart. They carry a line called Rumba that has all those meat-cuts (cheeks, tripe, tongue, etc). Don't know if they still do but were fresh and great quality.
              Also, you can try Fiesta marts, they normally carry all that stuff. If you want something fancier, you might want to try Kuby's. If they don't have it, they can order it for you.
              Also, if you're a locavore, you can try ordering it from the farms that sell at the various farmer's markets.