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ISO cheese shop

Recently returned from Switzerland and suffering serious cheese withdrawal. Specifically, I'm missing stinky Appenzeller, mellow Vacherin (both the brie-like Mont D'or and the firmer variety), Zermatter Bierkase (visualize various umlauts) and a strange but wonderful concoction labeled in the supermarket as "Sennerei Mustair/Bio (organic) Bergkase).

Anyone know of an LA cheese shop or online specialist that sources these precious gems of Swiss milkfat?

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  1. Try the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. Their website shows they have Appenzeller and Vacherin, but the website only lists a small amount of what they have in the shop.

    Wally's CheeseBox in Westwood also lists on their website two types of Vacherin and an extra-aged Appenzeller. Again, what they have in stock may be different.

    Both are my go-to cheese stores. I didn't see the other types on either site, but you might find alternatives at both stores if you can describe the style of the cheese -- type of milk, texture, flavor, etc.

    1. Depending on what side of the 405, Andrews Cheese Shop on Montana in Santa Monica has great variety of cheeses. Far more personable that the Cheese Shop IMO....

      1. Also depending on where you are, check out the Cheese Store of Silver Lake, and Cheese Store of Pasadena.



        1. These all sound great thanks everyone. I'm probably gonna hit up Wally first as he's closest to me and his selection of Swiss cheeses looks very impressive.

          Of course, they're over $30/lb—a higher cost than I've paid for any food not involving endangered species on the black market. But I'm a desperate man.

          The sandwich menu there sounds mighty tasty too.

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            I got a sandwich here while I was waiting for my smog check to be completed across the street and found it to be simple yet satisfying.

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              Gah!! Why didn't I think of going to get my smog across the street from Wally's... genius...


            2. Weighing back in with plugs for Wally's. The fragrant Appenzeller and even stinkier Vacherin Fribourg are totally the real deal. Saving up for some raclette. Thanks Jwsel!

              1. Just about the only time I venture from the Westside to the valley is to go to The Artisan Cheese Gallery in Studio City. Their cheese is great and their food - salads, soup, grilled cheese... is fantastic! If anyone knows of a simialr cafe on the Westside please tell me.

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                  I find the cafe better than the cheese shop at Artisan. Their supply is very limited compared to Beverly Hills or Wally's, and one of the guys I dealt with gave me some "advice" about how the cheese should be consumed within a week or thrown out that is just not consistent with what I've been told by other cheesemongers.

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                    ITA... I LOVE Artisan's salads and their Tony Packo Pickles... but the cheese selection & service meh.


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                    The Artisan Cheese Gallery is my.numer one choice for tasty, innovative sandwiches. I cannot comment on the cheeses since I never purchased any.

                  3. I too usually hit the cheese shop in studio city but Joans on 3rd has a decent selection in a pinch (albeit a lil more expensive)

                    1. If you're in the Santa Monica area you would probably find some cheese you like at Guidi Marcello: http://www.guidimarcello.com/cheese.htm

                      1. Just stopped by Surfas OC and picked up a "Cheuflada Beeler". A real stinker. Makes epoisses smell like roses. Meaning, I loved it and took 1/3 of a wheel of it.

                        I googled the heck out of this and basically the closest I can come up with is that this is a Stanser Flada from some renowned Swiss cheese purveyor named Rolf Beeler. Although someone did have a cheese course of Cheuflada at EMP in NYC.

                        Anyone who likes stinky runny cheese. This is for you.


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                          I buy all of my cheese at Surfas in Culver City. Great selection and service. The Cheesemonger, David is awesome.

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                            David is an oft misunderstood GENIUS... Surfas isn't going for the whole touchy feely cheese shop experience, but if you go there with a taste or menu in mind, David will find the cheese in his well edited selection that will be perfect. I also find the prices at Surfas very competitive.

                            For exploration and a wide selection, I go to Beverly Hills Cheese Shop.

                            For the best cheese shop vibe... Where I taste with abandon, chat freely with the staff and browse for hours... Cheese Cave in Claremont.

                            For when I kinda know what I want and get the best advice on how to use it... Surfas hands down...


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                            Here's my recent note on the Cheese Board on another Beeler import:

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                              To answer my own question, it appears the proper spelling is Chuefladae or Chueflada(a umlaut) which translates to "cow pie". Click on the names for product info:


                              A bit about the cheese and Rolf Beeler:


                            2. Hello my fellow cheeseheads! Hope you'll join us on the new Cheese Board to talk about all things cheese. Would love to hear about what you're enjoying these days.

                              1. I second Andrew's Cheese Shop in SM. He used to run the cheese program at Patina. Great little spot always full of wonderful, unexpected pleasures. Plus, he roasts his own Marcona almonds...

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                                  Wonderful! I'm not the OP, but I am going to a cheese tasting there tonight. I'll report back.

                                2. The four good cheese stores that I know of are Cheese Store of Silver Lake, Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, Wally's, and Andrew's Cheese Shop. Truthfully, none of those stores compares to good European cheese shops. For one thing, the FDA nazis prevent many of the world's best cheeses, eaten all over Europe and in fine restaurants in Asia, from entering the United States because they're supposedly dangerous because they're unpasteurized. (Meanwhile, the FDA gives its stamp of approval to aerosol processed cheese products, which are so much healthier I'm sure. Thanks in part to the FDA, Americans are so much healthier and live much shorter lives than Europeans.)

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                                    Is this why brie in France tastes so wonderful, and the best ones here—even imported—are a poor comparison?

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                                      yes, because in europe they are made with unpasteurized milk, and here, raw milk cheese must be aged over 60 days.

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                                      The Cheese Store of Pasadena belongs on that list.