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Seeking best potato salad


As a parallel to my initial quest for good ready-made coleslaw I'd like to ask about potato salad. Seems some think coleslaw is not loved by all and potato salad would be a better side. Jury's still out. I'll reiterate the situation:

I'm hosting a party with Rudy's BBQ as the main event. However I don't care for their sides. Any opinion on the best ready-made potato salad in Austin?


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  1. I enjoy the Aunt Pearl's Potato Salad from Central Market (and HEBs w/ Central Market To Go sections).

    Stuffed Cajun Market used to make my all-time favorite potato salad in town, but I haven't seen them carry it in a while.

    1. Well, the best for me is Franklins. However, would I wait in line for their ps? Absolutely not.

      Next, if you wish, however mayo-infused (which you were shying away), is County Line or Styles Switch or even Central Market. You can add a ton of mustard (plus a little ground mustard powder), pickles and it is on par with F's.

      1. For mustard potato salad, I like Green Mesquite's and Ruby's a lot. Though I prefer this kind, I also occasionally like the German variety, like you find at the Salt Lick.

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          Agreed. I forgot about Green Mesquite, cuz I normally get the crazy-good fried okra.

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            Was there last night. The brisket and the pork ribs were excellent, the fried okra was spectacular, and the potato salad was noticeably less mustardy than in the past. Still not the mayonnaise mess I recall from the County Line, but definitely a let down.

        2. I really like the blue cheese potato salad at Central Market. For some reason it's a seasonal item, but I can't figure out what season. If you can get it's awesome!

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            I was going to mention that as well, but it and I have not crossed paths for a couple years. I don't always check that display case, though.

            It pretty easy to make a blue cheese and bacon potato salad at home. And you can score points with your cow-orkers for not buying something pre-made.


          2. Favorite is Donn's BBQ. Second is Mandola's.

            Rudy's does have the worst sides, and sauce for that matter.

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              I beg to differ. The creamed corn is very good. I've made it for holidays and it's been very well received.

            2. When this originally popped up, there was one I couldn't remember and it was driving me crazy. Alas, I remembered: Easy Tiger.

              VERY good, some of the best I've had in recent memory. The menu says "Pickle, Onion, Celery, Mayo and Dill." The pickles and dill give it a nice bite/tang, and the texture was great, just the right balance of smooth/chunky.

              1. Hi,

                In the end we got (way too much) mustard potato salad and vinaigrette coleslaw from Ruby's. Almost double the cost - but as it was a special occasion we liked Ruby's best after tasting Green Mesquite and Catfish Parlor. Thanks for the help!

                1. The best non-german potato salad I have had in town in recent memory is the crab boil potato salad at Lucy's Fried Chicken. The potatoes still have some bite to them, and the seasoning and addition of scallions is really nice. Interestingly enough, the potato salad at Olivia with their fried chicken brunch item is different and not as good even though its the same chef/owner as Lucy's.