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Jan 22, 2013 11:10 AM

Hot Breakfast Grains

Have you ever tried using other grains than oatmeal for a hot breakfast cereal? I heard of it somewhere, and can't seem to track down a recipe. Preferably something suited to a slowcooker. Can anyone help?

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      1. re: sweetbea

        I have recently begun eating rye flakes as porridge and really like them, but I eat all grains for breakfast. I especially like bulgur because it soaks in ten to fifteen minutes.

    1. I like millet for breakfast.

      1. Besides roll oats (the usual American oatmeal) I cook cut oats and oat groats (whole grains).

        Cracked wheat is the wheat equivalent of cut oats. Whole wheat is called wheat berries.

        With rye, the rolled form, rye flakes, is the easiest to find. It cooks in the same way as rolled oats, but it does not release the 'glue' that sticks oats together.

        I've found barley in several forms, whole, peeled (polished like white rice), and flakes (Korean).

        The bulk foods section of your grocery is the best place to find these.

        1. Cream of Quinoa. Technically not a grain but rather a seed.

          1. i've made the boy breakfast "cereals" with variations of bulgur, farina, and barley... me, i do one using TVP... no it's not a grain, but it's high protein and fiber for me.