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Jan 22, 2013 10:52 AM

Toronto Caterers

Hey there, Chowhounders!

I'm planning my wedding and am somewhat confused by the lack of reviews on some of the major catering companies in the city - surprising considering the exclusive/preferred suppliers lists most major venues require you to stick to.

I'm considering the following catering companies: Sequel, Encore Food With Elegance, Daniel et Daniel, Yorkshire Pudding, 10tation and Enville. Any thoughts, suggestions or tips on any of these caterers would be most welcome. I'm looking for info on quality of food, staffing and the company itself - anything you think might be relevant for me as a bride wanting an outstanding and creative (but budget friendly) wedding.

To give some context, I'm planning to host 140 guests for a "Sou-legant" wedding affair (Southern/elegance, with a southern BBQ inspired menu).

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    1. It may not be on the preffered list but my friends had southern accent cater their wedding and it was lovely. Would definitely fit the sou-elegance theme and their coordinater was excellent.

      1. I do a lot of event work and have actually commented on many of these folks in existing threads.

        From the list you've provided I've worked directly with D&D, 10tation, Enville and Encore. Out of those my pick would be 10tation with D&D following.

        I've done big and small events with 10tation and they are very accommodating and easy to work with. In my experience they do extensive tastings with clients are willing to work to your budget and have very professional staff. The downside - they are located in the middle of nowhere so you have to trek a good distance when you want/need to meet with them in person.

        If the trek is an issue D&D are all of those things but IMO a bit more of a 'traditional' caterer and not as budget friendly

        However, take my budget comment with a grain of salt, most of these caterers will all be able to start at $100 a plate and go up from there based on what you're looking for. You can squeeze things down a bit but in this market $80 is pretty much the lowest you'll get and that won't be plated.

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          JennaBean, considering the menu the b-to-b desires, do you know if the Acadia chef does private catering? What of Nobel Catering?

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            I actually know Patrick, the chef at Acadia as he and my bf worked together at one point in time, and while it wouldn't hurt to ask, I don't really see catering as his thing. But if they could get him to do it, it would be outstanding. I think he's one of the best chef's in the city right now even if I am a little bias!

            Funny you should mention Nobel, I emailed them today for a wedding quote for July of this year. This will be my first interaction with them as a client so I'll report back when I get a better sense of them in this respect.

            1. re: JennaBean

              Patrick is doing some awesome things at Acadia. To get him to cater would incredible.

        2. Look at the menu section for Playing with Fire ( which has a Southern BBQ offering at $37/pp. I'm sure they will work with you to create a menu that works for you.

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            Keep in mind that the $37 pp is just food costs. If you need rentals, servers, chefs for stations, bar staff etc. If you have a cocktail hour and want a midnight snack that gets added on for that food as well. Many of the caterers mentioned above quote their prices for weddings all in. These folks have not.

            1. re: JennaBean

              I also wonder why their Twitter page screeches to a halt in October.

              1. re: Googs

                Looks like their facebook page updates also drop off in November. I know they are still doing business so maybe there is some competition between updating things on-line and the actual business of catering.

                I have not actually attended one of their events so you would have to rely on their references for the overall event management. I have, however, seen and tasted their food and each time it was wonderful.

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