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Jan 22, 2013 10:50 AM

Warranty Experience With Cuisinart, Calphalon or All-Clad

Hi - new here and looking for some insight. Currently we are overloaded in a small house, multiple sets and misc. pieces from my fiance and I. We have 5 fry pans and we use 1! Recently, in lieu of cleaning, I tossed our 4qt saute pan in the trash. It was a non-stick way past it's prime. We just got a 7.5 qt Lodge Dutch oven and have had 10" bare cast iron skillet. So I imagine tossing everything except the oven and skillet (even the stuff in storage I haven't mentioned).

We cook a meal almost every night, most nights even enough for lunch leftovers. We are very willing to spend up, but wondering if it's necessary. Another main concern is warranty and the company itself. Sometimes that premium price is worth it in the long run. So my choices are Cuisinart MultiClad Pro, Calphalon Tri-Ply or All-Clad.

I was pretty much set on the Cuisinart until I started reading a few bad reviews about their customer service. They have most of the pieces I want and at great prices...but if in 2 years a handle comes loose, will they even care? A few reviews mention defects or damage, but I can't be sure who is at fault with some. Within a month or so if I notice a pan isn't sitting properly or really is defective, the places I'm shopping at have awesome return policies and they can deal with the manufacturer. I have yet to handle MCP, so I want to order a trial piece to test quality, but I like the stainless lids over the glass of the Calphalon.

I've read up a lot on Calphalon Tri-Ply and it, like the Cuisinart has great reviews, a few mention defects, but I have yet to see Customer Service or warranty complaints. They also have the "stir-fry pan" that my fiance wants, but I don't see the use in such a specialty pan when we could get the 12" skillet which is a bit more universal for our cooking style.

On to All-Clad, performance is great, but how's the warranty? I've read some things where they have stood behind their products 100% and others that state they could give a damn.

For Cuisinart, if in 5 years a pan goes, they are cheap enough to replace..but I shouldn't have too (and I want my SS to match, so if they change things I'll be annoyed, but I'll get over it). Who has had experience in these areas with these brands? Is it misuse or are there significant defects that manufacturers are ignoring?

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  1. I recently had to return my 5.5 quart Le Ceueset for warranty. Some tips.
    the phone number works best early, otherwise you sit in hold forever.....I put my cel on speaker and went about my day. Don't leave a message. They didn't call back..
    I saw the same reviews.....patience is needed....Also, I had a limited selection of colors-Dune, dijon, Cherry-which was fine with me. I really loved the Cobalt, but the dune is brilliant. I had no receipt. I bought mine 6 years ago at the outlet in Orlando and honestly use it 3 times a week. Maybe more...
    I had made a roast and soaked the pot in a basic dish soap warm water solution. I was livid to see a golfball sized piece of coating come off.....
    I would say I was pleased with the way they handled it.....

      1. re: Monch

        So is this all of the companies expectations or just Cuisinart? I own the Cuisinart K-cup brewer and for over 2 yrs there have been no major problems. I had mostly looked on Amazon for reviews (a bunch about bad service), the reviews on places like ChefsCatalog and show no bad reviews, for the product nor the service.

        From what I can gather from that you got the Chefs Classic line? I was looking at MultiClad Pro, but if this the case with all their products I don't know if I can commit. Granted a return to BB&B is easy early on, but again, will a loose handle 3 yrs later be an issue and do I want to deal with it.

        1. re: pam85


          This is one person's experience with one product line within Cuisinart's offering.

          The secondary failure, in my opinion, was the product itself.

          The PRIMARY failure, as observed by me and others, is the company's answers.

          This is only, of course, one person's experience. Please take it for what it's worth.

          Best of luck,

      2. The vast majority of my All-Cad was purchased 30 to 40 years ago. Lived near the factory. I have returned two pieces. No questions asked. Took 4 to 6 weeks, but then I figure I am not in charge of the production schedule, nor am I paying for the shipping.

        The 2 quart pot was returned as the aluminum rivets eroded away after over 20 years of use. I dropped the oval skillet perfectly and the handle broke due to improper annealing resulting in a crystallin fault line. According to my father the metallurgist from US Steel. Fifteen years of use.

        Now that I have come across some Emeril All-Clad, I understand why there are so many complaints concerning the slippery narrow handles. I would advise to try all of your preferences in a store or at friends before picking one.

        1. I'm no longer a fan of Calphalon because the product has changed so much since being bought out by Newell-Rubbermaid but warranty service has always been excellent. A few weeks back I sent in a very old Windsor pot. Less than a week later I had a new 1.5 Qt sauce pot as the Windsor pot had been discontinued. Hard to complain about that. You can fill every thing out on-line. No setting on hold, no need to dig up old receipts.

          1. Bought myself a basic set of non-stick Calphalon MAY years ago... probably close to 20?? Then probably 12+ years ago, 2 C skillets... set at BB&B... maybe $49.99?

            After hearing/reading about their return/replacement policy, took them up on it back in March of 2012. I DID have to pay to send of the 2 skillets and FAVORITE sauce pan from original set. Skillets just weren't as non-stick as they started and sauce pan was showing wear... from non-stick safe tools... plastic, wood, no metal. Had NO receipts and about 7-10 days later got BRAND NEW replacements. Skillets and exact exchange, sauce pan same size but original was no longer being made. One of these days, gonna box up the stock pot that came with original set and return.

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              Want to second this about Calphalon, they're the best. Easy return, no problems and received new replacement.