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Jan 22, 2013 10:24 AM

Suggestions for Live Jazz dinner or drinks?

It's my pick month for our book club and I'd love to find a bar or restaurant for us to go where we could see some live jazz to go with the theme of the book (Rules of Civility by Amor Towles- great read). Preferably this would be somewhere Downtown or on the North Side (bonus points if close to public transportation) and it will be on a Wednesday night (Feb 7). I had initially thought of Kingston Mines, but I understand that to be a Blues Club and I'm not a huge fan of that particular jazz genre. Any advice appreciated!!

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  1. I'd go with Green Mill or Underground Wonder Bar. You might consider having dinner first at a nearby restaurant and then adjourning to the lounge.

    1. As far as atmosphere, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better location for jazz than The Green Mill (which has been used as a location for a number of films). As camusman pointed out, you'll need to dine elsewhere, but it's an area teeming with restaurants.

      1. Several people here have mentioned the Green Mill, so here's more information about it, along with suggestions for dining in the vicinity.

        The Green Mill is at Lawrence and Broadway in the Uptown neighborhood, about six miles north of the Loop. It's half a block west of the Lawrence stop on the CTA Red Line (el).

        Nearby restaurants include:

        Magnolia Cafe (contemporary American) -
        Lao Sze Chuan (Chinese) -
        Silver Seafood (Chinese) -
        Demera Ethiopian -
        Thai Pastry -
        Tank Noodle (Vietnamese) -

        1. Andy's Jazz Club, 11 East Hubbard. They serve dinner and feature some of the best local jazz musicians.

          If you go to the Green Mill, get there early, or else you'll be standing or sitting in the back and won't be able to see the musicians. It does have a certain buzz to it, though.

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            Thanks jorlofsky- I think we will try Andy's Jazz Club. Green Mill looks great but a bit more complicated logistically, will have to visit them another night.

          2. I suggest Katerina's ( on Irving Park just east of Lincoln. Good eclectic music selection, nice room, some value wines, and better food than the "bar food" places

            Another Oak Parker.

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              Katerina's is a block and a half west of the Irving Park station on the CTA Brown Line.