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Jan 28, 2006 08:56 AM

Recs for Can't Miss Wineries in Paso Robles Region

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Four 50ish guys have 1 day in this area to hit the wineries. We are interested in quality wines but would like to visit wineries that stand out above the rest either for design, view, restaurant, staff or preferably all of the above. If you had just a very short time to pick one or two wineries in the area to visit, where would you go. Thanks.

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  1. Eberle Winery, Peachy Canyon, Adelaida.

    1. The staff at Bonny Doon's tasting room(at Sycamore Herb Farm, Hiway 46 West) are a bunch of real characters. After all they work for Randall Grahm! Bonny Doon works with Rhone varietals. I like their sense of humor, too.

      A major proponent of screwcaps. If you follow the link, view the video on screwcaps located in a pulldown menu on the Propaganda page.

      The barn housing the tasting room burned down a year ago, but is being rebuilt now. They have a temporary tasting room set up.


      1. Tablas Creek - Rhone varietals planted on limestone westside soils. Owned by Chateau Beaucastel of Chateuneuf de Pape.

        Justin - World class cabs and blends. Restaurant.

        Other favs: Peachy Canyon, Adelaida, Wild Horse, Caparone (if open), Tobin James, Garretson.

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          Mastantuono Winery

          Paolillo Vineyards

          The map is a treasure, too.


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            Summerwood wines, there is also an Inn adjacent to the tasting room where we have enjoyed numerous stays. kevin

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              Tablas Creek would be my number one choice. It's in the "far out" winery area and there is no place to eat nearby except at Justin Winery and their restaurant is only open weekends.
              On the east side, Eberle is always reliable and has gorgeous views. Robert Hall has good wine and an impressive tasting room. Chumea always has some tasty wines.
              If you're on the eastside around mealtime, Matthews at the Airport is good and fairly close to many of the eastside wineries. Downtown Paso has an abundance of places to eat. At lunch you could try Panolivo, Odyssey Cafe (very casual, good salads and sandwiches), Dining With Andre (French bakery), Berryhill Bistro. For dinner Paris, Bistro Laurent, Bueno Tavola and Villa Creek are good options.

            2. hello, I've only been to two wineries in that vicinity, but if your time is limited, Peachy Canyon is 1/4 mi. off of hwy 46 and they'll pour about 14 wines all drinkable to very good, $3 if you don't buy a bottle (they're known for good quality to price) or free with a purchase. Facilities are comfortable but nothing fancy. cheers

              1. Adelaida and Tablas creek are by each other, sort of, but are way out of town. Both make good wine.
                Garretson is in town but I don't think it's on the Paso Robles map. I like Garretson wine enough I joined its wine club.
                Linne Calodo and L'Venture also have excellent reputations.
                Bonny Doon is fun, but they also have a hard sell to join the wine club.

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                  I forgot about Linne Calodo, but they used to be open weekends only.

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                    Call Linne before going. They don't make much and are often completely out of wine if it is not near bottling time. Good stuff but he almost sells it all out to the wine club which is full as well.

                    Same thing in true for many of the smaller producers out there. I think Nadeau ran out last year and Denner is close to out now, IIRC.