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Jan 22, 2013 10:16 AM

Family coming to NYC in March - restaurant suggestions?

We (husband, me, 2 daughters aged 12 & 13) are coming to NYC the week of March 10th. We are from Toronto, and will be staying at the Affinia Dumont in Midtown.

We don't eat meat, but do eat fish and poultry. We like many cuisines, and the girls are adventurous, and definitely not wanting chicken fingers, etc.

My husband and I plan to eat at le Bernardin one evening, and we also hope to have lunch as a family at Nougatine.

However, we are still looking for 4 restaurants for dinners - hoping to stay around $30/pp not including drinks or dessert. If there are restaurants that would be memorable in some way - be it for the food, the atmosphere, etc., we would really like to hear about them.

As well, we will probably have one pizza night - have read about Keste and Otto - any thoughts on those or other places? (We like the wood-fired pizza.)

Thank so much for your advice.

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  1. Here are some suggestions which are within your budget and have vegetarian, seafood and/or poultry options:

    Mission Chinese
    Yunnan Kitchen
    Yakitori Totto
    Katsu Hama
    Mad for Chicken

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      OP says they don't eat meat... i.e. no beef and no pork. I think that means missing out on a lot of what makes Mission Chinese and Ippudo if you don't eat beef and/or pork.

      I think Ippudo has one non-pork ramen?

      No beef/pork means no thrice fried bacon and kung pao pastrami at Mission Chinese Food (some of their most famous dishes). I also think the MCF atmosphere isn't terribly family friendly (what with long wait and the keg of free beer and all).

      Maybe a different Chinese restaurant would be better, like Szechuan Gourmet or Grand Sichuan on St Marks.

      I like Motorino much more than Keste and Otto for pizza and heartily second that recommendation, with the caveat that they don't take reservations and the wait may be long.

    2. Otto is good and fun but I stick more to the meats, cheese, salads, and pastas, saving lots of room for dessert! Keep Otto on your list and also add on Motorino, for the pizza. It is a little more charred tasting than some of the others, which you might enjoy.

      Another option you might consider is some fried chicken at The Redhead in the East Village (they might enjoy strolling down St Marks afterwards) or lobster rolls at Pearl Oyster Bar (cute atmosphere, close to Bleecker St, price fluctuates around $28) in the West Village.

      1. thanks - great ideas for me to research - really appreciate it as the possibilities are so overwhelming.

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          Good pizza to be had at Don Antonio mid-town.
          We went Saturday night and it was so good we returned on Monday for lunch before we left town.

          For a fun experience, there is also Stanton Social on the Lower East Side -- very hip crowd, small plates designed for sharing, and plenty of vegetarian / fish / poultry selections. Non-touristy. Cool cocktails for the grownups and a cool vibe for the teenagers.

          1. re: Suechee

            Here's also another good resource, scroll down to the question about the adventurous vegetarian/non-vegetarian couple on a budget:

          2. Atlantic Grill is good for fish and poultry.

            Bar Boulud should appeal to the girls -- very trendy and glamorous looking.
            Le Pain Quotidien is a health oriented soups, salads and sandwiches place with some decadent pastries. Well worth considering for vegans.

            1. Spend the extra couple bucks for lunch at JG instead of Nougatine. It's worth it.