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Jan 22, 2013 09:36 AM

HOT coffee maker recommendations, please....

My parents want a new coffeemaker, I would like to surprise them with one. Their only stipulation is that it makes HOT coffee, and keeps it hot.....anyone have good suggestions for a reasonably priced model?

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  1. My parent have this one and you can selct the temp, plus it has a thermal carafe to keep it hotter longer.

    Cost is not cheap-$160 but maybe you can find at BBB with their 20% coupon.

    <<Coffee lovers know that temperature is just as important as taste. This innovative machine lets you choose from three heat settings, including the hottest setting Cuisinart has ever offered. Combine that with two strength options, and you can customize your perfect cup. The Extreme Brew Elite is fast, too—brew a full pot up to 25% faster than most coffee makers.
    Adjustable Brewed Coffee Temperature Control uses a unique new internal heating system to provide three temperature settings: Regular, Hot and X-Hot.
    Touchpad controls 24-hour brew start, self-clean, 0-4 hour auto-shutoff and a 1- to 4-cup setting with surrounding blue LED lights.
    Equipped with Extreme Brew Technology, a re-engineered brewing process that lets you enjoy hot, fresh coffee up to 25% faster than most coffee machines.
    Two settings let you adjust coffee strength to your preference.
    A 60-second reset feature recalls settings and stage of brewing process in case of power loss.
    Charcoal water filter remove impurities and ensures fresh-tasting coffee.
    Gold-tone coffee filter is reusable, eliminating the need for paper filters.
    Use the Brew Pause feature to sneak a quick cup before the brew cycle has finished.
    Drip-free pour spout and wide-grip handle for easy serving.
    Double-wall insulated thermal carafe maintains heat even while away from unit and holds up to 10 cups (50 oz).
    Audible alert signals when brew cycle is complete.>>

    1. I have a Zojirushi. It brews hot and has the thermal carafe to keep the coffee hot.

      eta: it isn't quite as fancy as the WS, but it really does make and keep the coffee hot. :) best coffee maker I've ever had.

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        +1 for the Zjojirushi. We've had ours for over a year.

        1. re: jujuthomas

          The Zojirushi does not make Very Hot Coffee. Even if you use fresh ground coffee at room temperature, filtered water at room temperature, and pre-rinse the carafe with hot tap water, the coffee produced in the carafe will rarely reach even 160 degrees Fahrenheit immediately at the finish of brewing. Add refrigerated Half and Half, Milk or Cream and the result will be a quite tepid cup of coffee in need of 1:30 microwave blast at high.

          To be fair the carafe holds the heat at 150 F +/- 5F for the length of a meal about 45 minutes.

          1. re: FrankT

            how hot should coffee be at brewing FrankT? I'm honestly curious, not being a smarty pants.

            I have no complaints regarding the temperature level of the coffee from the Zojirushi, and have found that it is still pleasantly hot a couple hours after brewing.

            1. re: jujuthomas

              It's supposed to be about 200 f for proper extraction.
              That's what my Technivorm does so well.

        2. I have a Bonavita BV1800.

          If your parents are picky about coffee and want the maker that does the best job of brewing drip coffee, then this is pretty good. I've heard the Technivorm Moccamaster is also very good but expensive.

          On the other hand, the Bonavita probably could use a better design. The filter literally sits on top of the thermal carafe, which means when when you take out the carafe you have to put the filter holder somewhere on your counter to store while you put the lid on. There's no digital controls or bells & whistles. The thing it does right is always heat the water to the right temperature & spray water on the grounds evenly so you get very good absorption in the coffee.

          If those things don't matter to a great degree then I'd buy something else. But it works very well for me.

          1. The BUNN ST Velocity usually comes pretty highly recommended when you're looking for a very good basic Carafe. It heats the water to the proper 200 degrees F.


            1. Very few heat the water to the correct temperature. Bonavita and Thermivorm do, there may be one more that's newer I heard about on another thread. The only way to keep it hot without destroying the flavor is a thermal carafe, which both come with. If you pre-heat the carafes with hot water, the coffee stays pretty hot for a couple of hours.