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Jan 22, 2013 09:14 AM

Prime Rib--Partially Cooking?

I always make prime rib for Valentine's Day dinner. However, this year my dr. husband is on call. That means it is impossible to know when he will be coming home. No matter what time he does get home I want to have a special dinner. Is there a way to cook the prime rib partially and then finish it in 20-25 minutes while he is driving home from the hospital? Thank you!

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  1. I'd cook it completely then keep it in a very low, like less than 150, oven just enough to keep it warm.

    1. 'SV' it. Once it's done it will hold for hours at the precise temp. your husband and you like it.
      You can make a DIY 'SV' set up with what you already have in your kitchen most likely.

      1. Depending on how you like your prime rib...for medium rare.

        From Foodwishes (youtube) - Method X

        sear roast at 500 degrees for 5 min/lb.
        Turn off oven and just leave it alone, (do not open the oven)
        When hubby is on his way home.
        Turn back on the oven to 400 for 20-25 minutes and serve the roast. There's not a lot of drippings with this method of cooking, you'll have to make gravy another way.

        Similarly when hubby is on his way home, microwave potatoes to almost soft. Blast it in your toaster oven to crisp outside for great roast potatoes.

        1. Maybe Chateaubriand? Roast beef in 20 minutes.

          This was the least terrible of the videos I could find:

          1. I have recently started doing prime rib 'low and slow' (plenty of threads on the method) cooking it to med rare, then wrapping it and holding it until serving time. The last time, we had timing issues with our guests and wound up leaving the meat under a foil and kitchen towel blanket for around 2.5hrs, it just got a quick (less than 10 min) warm up in a really hot oven and it was gorgeous.

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              Is this how it would be done in a restaurant?

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                I think treb's idea of cooking to your preference and then holding in a very low oven is closer to what restaurants do. My thermostat doesn't go down to 140, so I had to get creative!

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                  How big is your Prime Rib and what temperature are you shooting for, e.g. ... Medium-Rare of other.

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                    Treb and T&B are correct. Cook prime rib to a few degrees less than your desired temperature and hold it at 140 degrees for hours, if needed. I would not reheat it as the meat has set-up and redistributed the juices for a more uniform product. Besides, prime rib, by nature, can never be served "hot" if cooked to a proper rare/med. rare temp.

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                      I usually get a two rib roast and medium rare is what I shoot for. Ina Garten has a great recipe, but it has to be perfectly timed to make it work. It involves high heat then lowering it and then increasing it.

                      I think I'm going to try to cook this and keep it very low till he gets home. I hope it turns out well. Thank you!

                      1. re: DaisyM

                        Since you have already decided on a recipe and method, then I'll just confirm what others have opined. Cook your roast to temperature (122-125)and you can hold a roast @ 140* for a few hours...but I would not do so for more than 4 hours, as it will start to dry and look shriveled.....I would suggest you hold the roast for a minimum two hours for best results, before you begin to reheat.

                        To reheat, 30 minutes in a 250* oven and then a high heat blast @450 for 8 minutes and your Prime Rib will be ready for a pleasant serving temperature.