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Jan 22, 2013 09:08 AM

Best pub food for lunch in the Financial District?

The Fi-Di seems to have a pub-style place on every corner, but I wonder if the lunch food at any of them is noteworthy. Most seem to have the same predictable British-Isles-plus-American-bar-food menu. I can practically hear the Sysco truck backing up to most of them: there's wings, nachos, a middling burger, some shepherd's pie and fish-n-chips.

Are there any that stand out in any (good) way food-wise? I am interested in a place that serves beer for the purposes of this inquiry, so the worthwhile sandwich shops (La Grassa's, Falafel King, etc.) aren't quite what I'm looking for.

I spend most of my lunch breaks in Chinatown, and I already know the virtues of Silvertone and jm Curley (and Stoddard's on Thursday and Friday). I'm thinking more of the Financial District proper, let's say east of Washington Street. Any thoughts?

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  1. All in all the pickings are rather (MC) slim. Or, perhaps I should say, about as good as that joke.

    Mr. Dooley's on Broad St. is decent-ish. I've had significantly less decent experiences at various other places in the area.

    Coworkers swear by Battery Park (Batterymarch St), but I was not pleased the one time I tried it.

    1. It really is an area that yearns for a proper gastropub, but there's not much there. If it is just a quick lunch (1 or 2 beers max), I'd vote for Saus near Faneuil Hall. They serve beer and the frites are awesome -- but also offer sandwiches and salads (and kickass waffles). The beer selection is an example of a small establishment doing it very, very right. Small draft list with (mostly) local beers, and an impressively broad bottle selection -- leaning Belgian, but with many other offerings.

      The only drawback, of course, is that it's not a pub. I like the interior, but it's not a cozy classic pub --- it's an upscale fast-food joint, with great beer.

      1. I head a decent lunch last week at the Granary Tavern at the end of Milk Street.

        1. It is slim pickings indeed. We usually end up at the Good Life or Kingston Station. Slate over on High St isn't bad. I'd put them all ahead of Battery Park, E&C and Brandy Peet's.

          1. I don't hate Clarke's for this type of inquiry, but I have a hard time saying it is destination-worthy. If I had to pick one in that area though, I guess that is it (If you are excluding Curleys/Silvertone). To be fair, I have not been to Battery Park or Granary Tavern.

            I also like Kingston Station, but I am not sure that fits in your geographical restrictions (if it does I pick that over Clarke's).

            If a good craft beer selection is desired, neither of the two fits that bill well though...