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Jan 22, 2013 09:04 AM

Best Restaurant Week Lunch Picks

I used to enjoy restaurant week until I got bored. I am interested in giving it a shot again and am interested in anyone has had any good lunch menu experiences. I am open to any and all suggestions!

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  1. i just had a decent le cirque experience...for restaurant week..

    1. Glad you enjoyed Le Cirque. I had a poor dinner there last year and vowed not to go again. I understand they've replaced their head chef. I had a great lunch this year at Cafe Boulud, but I believe all their reservations are gone. I enjoyed my Ruth's Chris lunch last week. A real bargain over their normal pricing and a lot of tasty food for the price. Nougatine and Riverpark are always great for lunch, but the savings are minimal over their normal prices. I've got reservations upcoming at Ai Fiori, Gotham Bar and Grill and L'Ecole.