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Jan 22, 2013 08:55 AM

Red Lobster. 30 Shrimp. $11.99

Red Lobster is advertising this deal in a heavy TV rotation here in SE Michigan. Has me wondering two things: where does the Shrimp originate? And, isn't the world close to fishing this species out of existance?

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  1. Nasty stuff.

    From shrimp farms in asia. It appears that Red Lobster is not contributing to the over fishing of shrimp.

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    1. Probably U-40's or smaller

      1. Yah, 30 microscopic farmed shrimp, wow what a deal....not!

        1. It is almost certainly farmed shrimp from Asia.

          Shrimp in general are still plentiful in the Gulf of Mexico but it is a very destructive method of fishing.

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            Yes, Gulf shrimp are plentiful, here in Houston 16-20 @ 6.99 and 10-15's are common @ 8.99 when you catch a sale. The big downside is the bycatch damage to finfish, particularly red snapper to the point of a Federally imposed mandate of two fish per angler, (another controversy) and I refuse to spend 7 plus hours for two fish. As for Red Lobster, I wouldn't touch those shrimp, I'll cook my own, thank you.

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              No way they use Gulf shrimp, way too expensive for them.

            2. I'm pretty sure it comes from Asia. I read an article a while back that said that the shrimp are farmed UNDER a village. Basically, they build their homes on top of the water and that's where all the waste goes. Once ready to be shipped to the consumer, they're bleached and treated with antibiotics. I live in coastal Georgia, I have no excuse to ever eat a shrimp that wasn't caught VERY recently.

              I will point out that Uncle Bubba's, which is Paula Deen's seafood restaurant, does not use local seafood. We went last night, the oysters were from Texas, the fish was something I'd never heard of and was farmed and the shrimp was way bigger than what we 'grow' here. The first shrimp I ate was incredibly white and tasted of bleach. And this restaurant is located on a island. I guess that's what I get for eating shrimp out of season.