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Jan 22, 2013 08:39 AM

Large kid friendly venu

I'm looking to plan a lunch meet up for about 15 couples with new babies. Can you help me brainstorm restaurants in Boston that are large/spacious (for strollers) and informal table service, i.e. order at register and they call out or drop off your food at the table? At first I thought of sweet cheek's community tables, but it's more formal table service. What about Tasty Burger or a spacious Chipotle? It would be a plus if they served beer & wine too.

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  1. Flatbread Pizza inside Sacco's Bowl Haven in Davis Square is family oriented and great for a large crowd. If you're planning on an afternoon meetup, they should have no problems accommodating a group of that size. Bonus points: great pizza and salads; full bar; good beer selection.

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      I love flatbread at Sacco's ... salads, pizzas, drinks, great...but it is formal table service though the atmosphere is totally relaxed and informal and very spacious. However, it can get very very noisy with the bowling set up and the high ceiling. If really noisy is not sensorily disturbing to the infants, you should be fine.

      Reflexively, I also thought of Full Moon in Cambridge as it is so kid friendly and serves beer and wine. However, the last time we went after a lapse of many months, the food had gone downhill...turkey sandwich used to be roasted turkey, now cheap deli, toast burnt on one side and white the other, even the sangria was not as good, homefries inedible.

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        I just have to chime in that I've had two infants now who responded to the noise at Sacco's by promptly falling asleep and staying that way through whole meals. It's become our go-to for baby meetups because the bowling noise is like a white-noise-nap-inducing magic wand! I also can vouch that there are now changing tables present in restrooms of both sexes, which is another consideration for such an event.

    2. What's throwing me is the counter service but also alcohol.

      We did something similar years ago (with youngish toddlers) and went to Legals at the Copley Mall. They were happy to accommodate us, we ate communally by ordering lots of apps and things like popcorn shrimp, clams casino. If any kid got restless we could take them out into the mall.

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      1. Might just be me - but I think day of the week and time might influence a bit of this. Depending on when you plan to meet, you can determine work week lunch crowds etc...

        1. This experience was actually down in New Jersey, but hoping this might translate to their Boston area outposts. I met up with an old friend at a Cheesecake Factory there, who brought along his 3 very young kids. They were able to give us a quiet corner with several tables pushed together to provide extra space.

          Normally, I never eat at Cheesecake (I was in no where land NJ, where the only option was a mall across from the hotel), but it was for the company, and they do have a huge menu + drinks. The waitress was so accommodating and very nice. They even brought out off-menu food items to keep the kids pre-occupied (cut up fruit and such). Maybe the Boston or Cambridge one here might be willing to do the same?