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Jan 22, 2013 08:36 AM

Starting a new discussion

I just joined here because I have an important food related question and for the life of me I can't figure out how to start a new discussion! I'm fellign pretty frustrated right now....

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    1. re: sr44

      I went to the Contact Chow at the bottom of this page and then clicked on Site Feedback/Technical Questions Site Talk message board. I'm thinking I didn't start this discussion in the right place...or maybe i did?? I just thought it'd be EASY by going to the discussions page and seeing a "start new discussion" thing there...but didn't see anything like that, because that would've bee too easy.

      I think I found out how to do it...maybe. I went somewhere on this site and clicked on my region (BC) and saw a place to post a new discussion there. I posted in that spot. However, does that mean only people who have checked off the same region can see it? i was kind of wanting everyone to see it so I could get some quick help on it.

      1. re: quiltingqueen

        Everyone can see if they look at the All Boards page.

    2. I think your question would be best posted on the "General Topics" Board. I will "flag" your post on the BC Board and ask the moderators to move it to General Topics.

      In the future, you can access a list of all boards by hovering over the red "Chowhound" button at the top of this page and clicking on "All Boards", then clicking on the board you want. Once you save boards, they can be accessed by hovering over the "My Categories" button at the top of the page.

      Here is a previous post asking a similar question:

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      1. re: carolinadawg

        Thank for trying to help me with this :)

        However, there is no "Chowhound" button at the top of this page (just the CHOW logo which will bring me back to the home page).

        I did actually see the link you posted when I was looking for may answer, only I left my steaks on the counter with no water...wasn't sure if that would make a difference to it to not.

        1. re: quiltingqueen

          Underneath the big red CHOW logo there isn't a series of words "Blog", "Videos", "Recipes", "Chowhound" and "My Categories"?

          1. re: carolinadawg

   just offers me Blog, Videos, Recipes and Chowhound Discussions. If I hover over the last one, it opens a drop down menu that lets me see All Categories as well as by region.

            HOLY MOTHER...!!!!!! I just found it!! It's waaaaaaayyyy at the bottom of the page under All Categories.....the last place I'd expect it to be!

            Oh thank you carolinadawg for helping me :) I'm hoping the rest of my day won't be as difficult as finding this - LOL!

            1. re: quiltingqueen

              You're welcome. By the way, I think your steak would be fine to eat, but I'm no expert.

      2. I know Dawg walked you through a lot of this but I'm either not sure of what your question was or if he gave you the easiest solution to your question. (no offense intended Dawg)

        Once you establish your pages or just go to any page at the top of the threads is a box "Start a new discussion" as soon as you click in that box it will expand and your cursor will go into the "Topic" box for you to give your thread/topic a name.

        That's at least how I do it. Again no offense intended to your various answers Dawg.

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