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Jan 22, 2013 07:26 AM

Thai on Long Island

Years ago there was a Thai restaurant in West Babylon, Chaophaya. It closed and then reopened in Kings Park. That one closed also. Anyone know if the chef/owner has opened somewhere new? The food was so good and we always enjoyed her great personality (never knew her name though). She was married to an Vietnam Vet, if that helps.

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  1. Do you mean Noi, the one who greeted people in the front? Her sister was the chef... I can't recall the sister's name. There was a falling out between the two, and Noi left while they were in King's Park; I don't know where she moved on to.

    There was talk that they were going to open a location in Southampton, but they closed in Kings Park before I heard anything more.

    Some time later I'd heard talk about them opening a place in Hempstead, but I never remembered to look into that.

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      there is a new thai place in North Merrick called Thai Chef. It's not hempstead but it is close. Maybe that might be it? Maybe they had a second thought about opening in Hempstead. I want to try the place, but waiting for some sort of review to appear on the internet before I go there. If nothing soon, I guess I will wind up trying it. It is near the intersection of Jerusalem Ave and Bellmore Ave.

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        I guess it's Noi I was thinking of. I always thought she was the chef too. I'd love to find the sister if she's cooking anywhere or has her own place. Her food was so good. I cant find a green papaya salad that comes close to hers. Wonder how to find out what happened to her?

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          Dug up the names:
          the sisters are Molrude (Neena) Kittiratanaporn and Noi Bartolomeo

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            Too bad, none of the names that were in Newsday.
            At least I have a name to look for.

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          Do you know the name of the sister that did the cooking? Last week Newsday did an article on Thai restaurants and they had the names of most of the chefs. Does Jintana, Amphai, Veerawat or Lawan sound familiar?

        3. From a pretty good review in today's online Newsday for Phayathai 735 Hawkins Av Lake Ronkonkoma.

          "Overheard at the cashier's station: A guy picking up a takeout order says to the waiter behind the counter, 'Let me work in your kitchen. No need to pay me; I just want to know how to make food like this.' "

          Probably need a Newsday or Cablevision subscription to view it.

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            Thanks, I'll have to check it out next time I'm out that way

          2. Thai Station in Merrick is our favorite for spicy food