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Jan 22, 2013 07:14 AM

Giulio's - [Livonia/DTW]

On Saturday night, friends chose J. Alexander's. J. Alex does not take
resv. The wait was forecast to be 75 mins. I don't wait 75 minutes
anywhere. Especially in that NOISY hellhole. Conversation was
beyond difficult.

We began brainstorming alternatives. We'd been to Sweet Lorraine's
recently and I wanted something different. I suggested Giulio's, inspite
of the fact that I have not visited in more than one year. Things have
changed since I last visited:

- Ownership
- Interior
- Menus
- Food
- Bar selection
- Staff knowledge & organization

Nutshell: It's not for the better.

The long story:

They used to be leaning kind'a, sort'a towards fine dining. No longer.

- Menus are now laminated plastic.
- Menu is considerably dumb'd down. (ie. Rabbit is no
longer offered. No cioppino. Etc.)
- Booths (re)upholstered in red-glitter vinyl.
- Booth tables; are oddly shaped for the round-ish booths.
- Hostess insisted on trying to seat four of us in a round-ish booth
designed for two or three. We asked for a large(r) booth - that
needed to be bus'd. She declined. Then, moments later, seated a
party of two in it. WTH?

At 7PM, the waitstaff still did not know their table assignments. We
were ignored. I asked the hostess to help. LOTS of shoulder shrugs
amongst the waitstaff at first. Our server did her best, but I think they
were understaffed.

I used to love their inspired salad options. McD's now has better salad
options and execution.

The still have gluten-free items. Hurray!

The lasagna was nothing special. The tiny amount of meat was gristle.
I would've preferred it a bit warmer. Thankfully, it was not overcooked.

Bar service? Clueless. I asked for a Moretti. Blank stare. Peroni?
Blank stare. "We have Bud, Bud Lite, <blah, blah, blah>" (They used
to have both Moretti and Peroni.)

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  1. Isn't Rocky's not far from the J. Alex's there, in Northville? Wouldn't that have been a good alternate? Or Mitchell's Seafood? Or Diamond Jim Brady's?

    Sounds like Guilio's is a no-go.

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    1. re: boagman

      All good suggestions. Will need to upgrade our dining companions; or, perhaps that is what they are saying about us!

    2. Trusted dining friends have advised that he former owners of
      Giulio's re-located/re-opened as Nico & Vali in Plymouth.

      I have opened a new thread for this discussion. Hope to see
      all y'all there.

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      1. re: rainsux

        By 'trusted dining friend' do you mean JanPrimus? He was friends with the head chef at Giulio's. Would be curious to know whether the chef stayed or followed ownership to Nico and Vali's.

        1. re: VTB

          Negative, I have not talked to Chef Tom in years now. Not sure where he is....