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Jan 22, 2013 07:03 AM


Anyone know how the crawfish season is going and any rec's on where to eat them

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  1. Had some good ones at Seither's Seafood over the weekend. Not the hugest, but not tiny.

    Seither's Seafood
    279 Hickory Avenue
    New Orleans, LA 70123
    (504) 738-1116

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      I am searching for a new favorite place. Crab Trap was hands down the best, but is now gone.

      Seither's, like most places in town, doesnt purge their mudbugs. They also dont pull out the ones whose tails dont curl.

      A lot of places will serve you a tray of 3lbs or 5lbs. My objection is, they dont boil them when you order, so a lot of the time, they have been sitting in boil liquid quite some time. This leaves their crawfish mushy and waterlogged. Als, many times a claw or two will have fallen off during the boiling process.n When they scoop up your order, you get a lot of lose claws as a result.

      These complaints are not limited to Seither's - they apply to Castnet, Today's Ketch, etc. Will have to wait till I get to go back to Acadiana - Hawk's and Cajun Claws remain my two favorites.

      1. re: paz5559

        Believe it or not, I have heard people...visitors for the most part...rave about someplace they found on, oh I don't know, say Franklin (Almonaster)Avenue or somewhere under the Interstate where the shrimp and crawfish are left in the boil all day and they" pick up the seasoning"....go figure.

        I've noticed an acceleration of a depressing trend lately, to wit, making the stuff thermonuclear. Three times last year--one of them up in Baton Rouge--I had crawfish that were simply too goddamn hot. It seems to be a macho "thing." I had a Latvian friend boil some up in his preferred way (with dill, of course) and they were wonderful, far better than burn-the-house-down stuff although my friend noted that Lousiana crawfish tasted more of swamp than the European ones and so he thought that some spiceiness was needed.

        It would be nice to have someone try the old method of starting shellfish live in cold water.