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Chocolate shops

I've heard about Chloe's but are there any other special chocolate shops that are not to be missed.

We're staying in Old Montreal but will be travelling around here and there.

I've also tried the chocolates from the stand at Atwater Market but can't remember their name.

Any other suggestions welcome....thanks

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  1. other chocolate shops that I know of :

    Genevieve Grandbois (162 Saint-Viateur Rue O and Atwater st. )

    Suite 88 (3957 Saint Denis Street)


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    1. re: Maximilien

      I believe Genevieve has a stand inside the Atwater Market.

      Suite 88 looks great.

      Thanks Max

      Any others?

      Also thinking we must visit Olivier Potier for pastries.

      1. re: millygirl

        Suite 88 also has a shop on Maisonneuve between Montagne and Drummond

        1. re: westaust

          Suite 88 is closing their St. Denis store shortly - not sure of the exact date, but I know it was in the very near future. Their de Maisonneuve store will be staying open.

            1. re: cherylmtl

              Ahhh, ok. Good to know. Thanks for this.

      2. Yes, don't miss Chloé, it's my favorite. I would also suggest Chocobel and maybe Christophe Morel @ Café Birks.

        What you had at Atwater Market was probably Geneviève Grandbois.

        When are you visiting? There's a chocolate festival on the february 8 weekend.

        Edit: Oops, forgot about one of my favorite : Chocolats Andrée! Probably our oldest chocolaterie.

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        1. re: Glaff

          Hi Glaff,

          OMG Morel and Andree both look amazing.

          Between dinner and chocolates alone our time will be filled. LOL

          Sadly, we'll miss the festival. Our trip is in early March.

          1. re: millygirl

            The stand in Atwater market is Geneviève Grandbois.

            There is also Chocolats Privilege on the ground floor but personally I don't think are very good.

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              You will not find a lot of informations on Chocobel, but believe me, they're equally great ;) They just don't have any web presence so not as much known as the other ones.

              I also forgot about Fous Desserts, I always think about their croissants and pastries, but they also make great chocolates.

              Maison Cakao near Pâtisserie Rhubarbe is good too.

          2. There is a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory shop in Complexe Desjardins. I have never tried this chocolate, anyone have any opinions on it?
            If you happen to be in Laval on Ste. Rose Blvd. you can purchase homemade Belgium chocolates from the Chocolune.

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            1. re: Ruthie789

              I've tried the Rocky Mountain stuff in BC and Ontario and it is pretty mediocre.

              1. re: eat2much

                Thank you I suspect it is more a milk chocolate market as opposed to European chocolate making.

            2. Chocobel is fantastic - it is near Jean Talon Market, on de Castelnau at St Denis and they have a great mix of traditional and non-traditional flavours. Chocolat de Chloe is also good.

              1. there is le maitre chocolatier as well, their afternoon tea is unimpressive but chocolates are well done, i also really like chocobel

                to be honest I find most of the chocolate shops are a bit overpriced (if i remember chocobel was a bit cheaper)... much lower quality:price than in paris, but I guess thats what competition does

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                1. re: tdiddy23

                  +1 for Le Maitre Chocolatier, they have nice confections.

                  I am not a big fan of Genevieve de Grandbois. Their big product, which got them known, is their plain chocolate bars into which they put falvored salts and spices. For a chocolateer (i did a lot back in the day) it's a old fad exploited. I think they have good marketing which passes off their prices. Their chocolate quality is good though, it's just the effort versus price that bothers me.

                  Kind of like how Rocky Mountain makes these chocolate dipped apples and charges 12$ for them. That's just insulting.

                  1. re: SourberryLily

                    Loving this list.....thank you everyone.

                    I cant wait to print this off and between lunch and dinners - tackle them all.

                  2. The best chocolate in the whole of Quebec as far as I'm concerned is Gendron Confiseur Choclatier. The man is a genius!

                    I ordered a custom box of the following flavors, 1 piece of each, as a surprise for my wife (then girlfriend!) when she came to visit last year, and I still dream about it to this day!

                    We sampled one of each and there was not a single strike in the box:

                    mandarine bergamote
                    cerise Griotinne a l'alcool
                    thé vert Matcha de Mariage Frères
                    Gyokuro de Betjeman and Barton
                    Sencha de Betjeman and Barton
                    Kaüai d’Hawaïï
                    Café Népal
                    anis étoilé
                    vanille bourbon
                    caramel bergamote
                    caramel diamant de sel
                    truffes d’Alba
                    épinette noire
                    pure malte
                    roquefort Carles

                    They also came, hand delivered by Daniel, as uniquely and thoughtfully packaged as their flavors. They were utterly delectable! I think the box cost me roughly just under $100.

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                      1. re: OliverB

                        Have you tried his chocolate bar? He started making them last spring (so after you left I think) and they're available at Fouvrac. They are, of course, really good!

                        1. re: Glaff

                          I knew that he sold his chocolates through Fouvrac, but I didn't know about his chocolate bar. I'll make sure to try it when I'm in town next month! Montreal has some really great chocolate shops and that's one thing that I do miss!

                          williej, to answer your question if you haven't already figured it out, his chocolates are sold through Frouvac, as mentioned, but you can contact him directly by email to place custom orders as I'm pretty sure there are only assorted boxes of varying quantity that he selles through retail. Some of his flavor infusions are really interesting. I like Chloé a lot too, but they aren't on the same level as Gendron imo.

                          1. re: OliverB

                            Thanks. I just think people should mention the area of town a store or restaurant is in, at a minimum. Otherwise, this board is only speaking to `those in the know`. The google link didn`t help, by the way. It just said Longueil.

                            So, where is Fouvrac

                              1. re: EaterBob

                                Or 1451 Laurier Est. But if you want to buy them at the Laurier location, you have to place an order before. They have the chocolate bars in stock normally though.

                        2. re: OliverB

                          Sounds very special, the grapefruit appeals to me.