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Jan 22, 2013 05:06 AM

Fried Squash in Charlotte

Looking for a traditional meat n three (not one of those new psuedo yuppie/biker bars) that serves an excellent version of fried squash within a 20 minute radius of Charlotte.


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  1. Gus' Sir Beef on Albemarle Road or Dish (not really traditional, but not yuppie either, more hipster) in Plaza Midwood.

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      Not looking for the hipster thing too so Dish is out. I've heard Gus' Sir Beef has gone horribly down hill over the last several years.
      I had Fried Squash at the Wagon Wheel in Ft Lawn SC while heading down to Columbia this past Labor Day, and loved it unfortunately it's too far out of the way for where we'll be.

      1. re: ohso

        Well, I wouldn't let the atmosphere at Dish keep me out...the food is excellent. I have only been going to Gus' for 4 years, so i have no idea how it used to be, but its a good, solid, old fashioned diner/meat and three now, imo.

        You might also try some of the "soul food" places like Simmon's, Lola's and Mert's. Best of luck!

    2. Sir Gus has looked closed every time I drive by it. McKoy's Smokehouse has the best fried squash, I order a side for an appetizer the minute I sit down. It is served so hot, you have to wait to eat it!

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      1. re: waitress

        Gus' is open 11:00 - 9:00 M-F. When do you ride by?

        I'm afraid the OP's desire to avoid a "pseudo yuppie/biker bar" eliminates McKoy's. lol

        1. re: carolinadawg

          McKoy's isn't pseudo yuppy/biker bar, have you been there? Those boys are down home country boys.

          1. re: waitress

            I have been there. Which "boys" are you referring to? The owners? They be good ole boys (I don't know them), but their restaurant definitely strikes me as a pseudo biker bar. YMMV, as they say.

            1. re: waitress

              I did go to McKoy's two summers ago. The atmosphere just didnt seem right, honestly I felt it was a step above Fridays and very contrived.The food was fine but I miss the atmosphere and amazing food of the now defunct Coffee Cup- I'm looking for something along those lines.

              Perhaps we may stop their for a fried squash appetizer, I just won't have time for a whole meal.

        2. However, the squash is not psuedo fried squash.

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          1. re: waitress

            I'm pretty sure I never made any claims regarding their fried squash.

          2. John's Restaurant on Westinghouse (not to be confused with John's Country Kitchen on Central). Excellent meat 'n two.

            1. Oh and Dish is quite excellent as well. Friendly as they can be, nothing trendy about it. I take my parents there and they love it. I think it is one of the best value priced restaurant in Charlotte.