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Jan 22, 2013 04:18 AM

About Chinese Fish Cakes, or Shrimp Cakes

I have wonderful memories of chinese stir fried noodles in a restaurant as a young teen. The noodles has mixed vegetables and meats, with brown sauce. It also has what is called fish cake, or shrimp cake. From what I remember, they're sliced and the texture is velvety and slightly spongy. They're mixed with the noodle dish.

I've found these sold frozen in authentic Chinese stores (but they're usually already fried).

I would like to do home-made ones. Have anyone tried this yet? Anyone knows the recipe? Thanks...

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  1. I believe it is fresh raw shrimp or fish, green onion whites, salt, sugar, white pepper, and egg white. blend in a food processor for a more uniform texture or pound with the flat of your knife for a chunky texture. steam, boil, or fry as balls or patties. sliced and use for soups or stir fry.

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        fast forward to 1:26 of the video and he is making the fish cake.

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            Also found this on youtube on making deep fried shrimp cake.
            Ingredients: shrimp, sea salt, egg whites and pork fat.