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Jan 21, 2013 10:03 AM

Fillmore Bakeshop [San Francisco]

How is Fillmore Bakeshop these days?

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  1. I had appointments in the area, so I dropped in twice just before Christmas. They had a big selection of Christmas bake goods, friendly staff in elf hats. Lot's of people dropping by to pick up and place orders for Christmas cakes.

    I got a few macarons, which I thought were a bit too sweet, and some where super poofy. They were okay, not the worst I had. I also got some a fruit breakfast danish, quite good (though I should've heated it up in the toaster oven when I got back to the office, it would've been better). Also got a speculoo snowflake cookie...also quite good (though I can't compare, I never had a speculoo before.

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      Speculoos! I've only had the packaged variety, never a fresh baked cookie. Looking for more info about them, I learned that they were originally created to celebrate St Nicholas day in December . . . wonder if they're available year-round at Fillmore Bakeshop.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Probably worth giving them a call to find out, or their facebook page ( I was on a hunt for cute Christmas cookies, and they had quite a big selection, though most were way too big for me.

        I forgot that I also got a pretty tasty bretzel there.

        Here are the pictures..with the broken speculoo snowflake (didn't survive in one piece to the office, they are quite thin).

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          I like your cookies on the keyboard shots.

          Bretzel is interesting too. I'd had no idea that the range went beyond France and some token Americana.

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        I just have to say that it looks like they are using *way* too much food coloring in their macarons...

        Those look downright fluorescent!

      3. Last June, Fillmore Bakeshop offered an excellent all-day laminated pastry dough workshop for Bakers Dozen. Not only did I hone techniques, but came away with a box of delicious freshly baked pastries from our class time. How happy can I be?
        In July, for a friend's 70th birthday, the staff made a box of pastel-colored macarons that delighted her (nothing as fluorescent as gnomatic's photo here).
        Now, I stop by often to taste and indulge myself. The DH likes the loaf cakes. Pies are tempting but I can make pie. The laminated pastries win me over every time.

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          Even more glad that I asked for an update to this thread,

          Sounds like Delanghe's successor is more than worthy.