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Jan 22, 2013 01:58 AM

Along the same lines as brunch at Tres and tea at the Langham.

hello chowhounders! this is my first foray onto these boards and i'm looking for some recommendations for a special b-day party.

over the last several years, my two older sisters turned thirty and we choose a couple of neat places to celebrate:

-chocolate tea at the langham ($59/person) was an incredible experience. decadent, delicious and we had a fine time dressing up.

-brunch at tres at the sls hotel ($42/person) was a lot of fun also. an entirely different experience than the chocolate tea but it felt similarly special.

well, this year it's my turn and i'm fresh out of ideas. does anyone have recommendations for a place that is complimentary to where we've gone before? my budget is $75 and under per person and my sisters don't drink alcohol (but i do).

thanks in advance for any and all ideas!

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  1. Never been myself, but how about afternoon tea at the Huntington Gardens?

    There's the tea house at the Chinese Gardens.

    Or there's also the Tea Room at the Rose Garden.