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Jan 21, 2013 11:12 PM

Rice cakes

When I was grocery shopping last night I noticed everyone had a pkg of rice cakes in their cart. So I bought some. Had one w pb and jelly on it when I got home. Yum. How do YOU eat rice cakes??

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  1. Ooof. There's so few foods that make me flinch... but rice cakes definitely on the list. You'd have to be of a certain age, and have memories of dieting by munching this dry, flavorless styrofoam as a low-calorie snack or part of meals, day in and day out lol.

    That said, there has been quite a proliferation of flavors and I've tried a few since but never cared to repeat. Popcorn cakes, OTOH, with salt/pepper, butter, caramel, brulee -- and especially in the mini sizes -- do find their way into the cart every 1-2 months. Eaten plain. :)

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      Quaker has a whole line of mini rice cakes (called Pops??), that are similar to chips. Awesome flavors, like Caramel Corn and Chocolate. I have no idea how "diet" they are, but they are tasty, crunchy snacks.

    2. Ugh - my husband adores them, but I find them to be slightly flavored styrofoam peanuts stuck together - lol!

      1. I love rice cakes. I eat them plain and really actually like the plain variety although others are good as well. I am a crunchy fanatic and so perhaps that's why I like them sans anything else and am not bothered by the styrofoam quality that some people dread.

        1. I assume you mean the rice cake snack from typical supermarkets, and not the Chinese rice cake.

          I tried my best to like them, and I tried and tried. I bought them again and again, never able to finish them.

          1. I put em in zipper plastic baggie and sneak them into the movie theater. Im not allowed to have popcorn, so ricecakes are my sub.

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              I don't think you need to sneak them into the movie theater. No one will stop you if you want to bring in RICE CAKES. :)