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Rice cakes

When I was grocery shopping last night I noticed everyone had a pkg of rice cakes in their cart. So I bought some. Had one w pb and jelly on it when I got home. Yum. How do YOU eat rice cakes??

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  1. Ooof. There's so few foods that make me flinch... but rice cakes definitely on the list. You'd have to be of a certain age, and have memories of dieting by munching this dry, flavorless styrofoam as a low-calorie snack or part of meals, day in and day out lol.

    That said, there has been quite a proliferation of flavors and I've tried a few since but never cared to repeat. Popcorn cakes, OTOH, with salt/pepper, butter, caramel, brulee -- and especially in the mini sizes -- do find their way into the cart every 1-2 months. Eaten plain. :)

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      Quaker has a whole line of mini rice cakes (called Pops??), that are similar to chips. Awesome flavors, like Caramel Corn and Chocolate. I have no idea how "diet" they are, but they are tasty, crunchy snacks.

    2. Ugh - my husband adores them, but I find them to be slightly flavored styrofoam peanuts stuck together - lol!

      1. I love rice cakes. I eat them plain and really actually like the plain variety although others are good as well. I am a crunchy fanatic and so perhaps that's why I like them sans anything else and am not bothered by the styrofoam quality that some people dread.

        1. I assume you mean the rice cake snack from typical supermarkets, and not the Chinese rice cake.



          I tried my best to like them, and I tried and tried. I bought them again and again, never able to finish them.

          1. I put em in zipper plastic baggie and sneak them into the movie theater. Im not allowed to have popcorn, so ricecakes are my sub.

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              I don't think you need to sneak them into the movie theater. No one will stop you if you want to bring in RICE CAKES. :)

            2. Love Magic Pop rice cakes. http://www.deliceglobal.com/
              The flavor is far above traditional rice cakes. I eat them with soup or as a snack by themselves.

              1. I love 'em- white rice, brown rice, and popcorn cakes, too. Cream cheese is good on them, so is thinly sliced cheese microwaved until it gets soft but not all melted. Apple butter, sun-dried tomato paste, it's kind of like celery- whatever you feel like putting on it will be good!

                1. Rice cakes crisped up with some butter and the topped with a fried egg and a slice or two of pork belly is pretty darn delicious.

                  Rice cakes broken into bits and added to melted marshmallows makes a different twist on rice krispie treats.

                  but mostly if I'm craving a rice cake, I take some leftover steamed rice, an egg white, some fresh grated lemongrass and just make a patty lightly fried in a pan.