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Jan 21, 2013 11:04 PM

The Modern by the window in winter?

I'll be in NY for an extended stay and DH will be coming in to visit for a weekend. I'm leaning towards The Modern (we did EMP last time around, several menu iterations ago, and loved it). I understand from other threads that the two tops along the window are the quiet spots.

Since the dinner will be early March, does anyone know how warm those tables might be? Out here in LA where we don't have winters, on a cold (for us) night, the window seats often have a chill from the glass. I'd assume double paned glass and all that in NY, but don't want to be wrong and cold. And I am quite the cold wimp. I'm prepared to dress for the cold outside...but not on date night.

And...while I'm asking...anyone know about their willingness to cater to dietary restrictions?


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  1. GF and I always get the 2 top in question, I couple years ago we sat there during the biggest blizzard to hit NYC in quite a while, it was snowing like crazy and cold and it wasn't even a little noticeable. Make sure you request the 2 top at the center on the windows. SIDENOTE: The snow made the evening incredibly beautiful looking out on to the sculpture garden.

    As far as working with dietary restrictions, GF is a vegetarian and she's always been accommodated.

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    1. We got the center two-top by the window by sheer luck last December, and we weren't even the slightest bit cold.

      As for dietary restrictions, I'm gluten-free and was very easily accommodated. The nicest part was that our waitress knew exactly what items were already gluten-free and what could be modified - no running back to the kitchen to check with the chef required. I noted my dietary restriction in our Open Table reservation, but I think they would have been just as accommodating if I hadn't let them know in advance.