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Jan 21, 2013 10:50 PM

Inagural luncheon menu

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  1. Nice american menu.

    It fun to have the recipes.

    1. Looks like a very nice meal. Too bad I wasn't able to make it to the luncheon ;)

      1. Here are a couple more links, which include some information about the chef (Shannon Shaffer):

        The Red Potato Horseradish Cakes look good.

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        1. re: drongo

          I know! And they seem easy to make, I will definitely give these a try.

        2. Nice menu. I was watching what I DVRd of the Inauguration last night and when they came to the luncheon I immediately grabbed the iPad and Googled the menu. I would have loved to have been there. I have a crush on the Obamas and to have shared this meal with them would have been a amazing.

          1. dang, that's alot of food, bet most of it was thrown away.

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            1. re: dolly52

              I'm sure they invited all the DC homeless in afterward to share with them all, right? :).

              1. re: dolly52

                I thought that looked pretty heavy for lunch, as well. Of course, they all had to go out and freeze their butts off afterward, so maybe the calories kept their internal furnaces stoked.

                1. re: pikawicca

                  The menu sounded amazing. One source said that the menu exceeded 3,000 calories. And then it just looked a little extravagant and wastetful to me. Although I wouldn't have turned down an invitation to taste it.

                  1. re: chicgail

                    I don't think that an Inaugural Luncheon is the place for austerity, but 3,000 calories? Holy Smokes!

                    1. re: pikawicca

                      3000 calories. I don't see it. Lunch was prepared by a highly skilled professional banquet kitchen and menu designed a year or two in advance more than likely.
                      1) One lobster tail, probably from a 1&1/4 lb lobster, maybe 3.5 oz with 2 oz sauce and garnish.
                      2) Bison is very lean, and the accompaniments sound elegant. Do you think they piled the food high like Grandma's Thanksgiving plate? More than likely a very tailored presentation with 5-6 oz of protein.
                      3) Apple pie, sour cream ice cream, honeycomb, garnish.
                      A rich, festive menu for sure, but even with breadbasket, I don't see 3000 calories.

                        1. re: enbell


                          According to that Fox News story, the meal contained 9752 mg of sodium and (7445 mg just for the bison) as well as 312.5 carbs, which would be the equivalent of 20 and a half slices of bread.

                          Who did the math here? It doesn't make sense.

                        2. re: Evil Ronnie

                          It does seem odd, and I have to admit when I went back to look my source was FOX News, not necessarily the most reliable news source, but they did post what they said was the full nutritional information about each course.

                          If it's true, t's hard to believe that Michelle would approve this. Notably what they did not publish was the portion size. so I guess I'm ultimately coming out on the skeptical side also. This probably falls into the category of Obama's visit to India that FOX VERY erroneously reported at $200 million.

                          I apologize for spreading silly misinformation.


                    2. re: pikawicca

                      They also had been up since who knows when, had not had a chance to eat anything since pretty early, and would not be eating again for quite a while.

                      The portions as listed on the menu/recipes look festively decadent, but not too over the top. Four ounces of lobster, 5 of bison, a few vegetables and a slice of pie.