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Jan 21, 2013 08:51 PM

Restaurants with brown rice, ~8oz meat, and possibly veggies (West LA, Santa Monica, Culver City, Westwood)

I usually cook all my meals, but lately I've been very busy and have to eat out. I'm wondering if anyone can give suggestions about restaurants that serve brown rice (or any complex carb), approx 8oz of meat and possibly veggies under preferably one menu item and grilled/baked/steamed.

Some examples of restaurants that I know of are: Chipotle (brown rice double meat), Thai Restaurants (brown rice and barbecued meat), Subway/Quiznos. I'm looking for restaurants in the West LA Area-Santa Monica-Westwood-Culver City.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. probably about 8 oz of meat at lunchtime, certainly more than 8 oz of meat at dinnertime.
    SHAMSHIRI GRILL on westwood blvd.
    they make their shish kabob with beef filet.
    ask them to substitute brown rice for the basmati rice that they normally serve.

    1. The komodo cafe (the brick and mortar version of the food truck) at the corner of Robertson & Pico offers white or brown rice for all of their plates & rice bowls. The menu is Indonesian/ Asian fusion. My work colleagues adore komodo (disclaimer -- we're predominately Asian).

      Most of the food is grilled or stir-fried. The plates include mixed salad greens with house vinaigrette. Now they're offering seasonal root vegetables or greens as a separate side order.

      The other day, the special was wild mussels with brava sauce ($12).

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        Komodo is awesome; I used to work a few blocks away and wnent all the time. FWIW, I'm not Asian.

      2. Tender Greens is almost what you are looking for- they have the meat, the veggies, and sometimes farro or quinoa. Locations in Santa Monica and Culver City.

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          Tender Greens Culver City is currently closed for renovations. They were supposed to open at the beginning of the year but that came and went with not much word of their reopening. Rumor is they are still a few weeks out. They needed to renovate since there is a new kid in town, Lyfe Kitchen, which is adding to the healthy QSRs around Culver City

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            I love Tender Greens and frequently go to the SM location for lunches. But there is no way they are serving anything close to 8 oz. of protein with their salads. Perhaps the sandwiches have a bit more, but three slender slices of albacore with the tuna Ni├žoise salad could not have been more than 4 oz. tops. Perhaps they will allow an extra side of meat, but it will cost you.

            1. re: Dirtywextraolives

              that was always my beef with Tender Greens: i'd leave hungry every time.
              it doesn't matter how prettily the salad is arranged if there is not enough food on the plate.
              definitely there was nothing close to 8 oz of protein any of the times i tried the place.

            1. Firehouse in Venice (Main & Rose). Not the most innovative menu around, but they cater to body builders with multiple meal combos of the type you describe.