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Jan 21, 2013 08:51 PM

Restaurants not participating in restaurant week

So I booked my girlfriend to visit Feb 7-10th with intentions of hitting up some great restaurants. #1 on my list was one of the Rasikas, but looks like that's out the window because of restaurant week. I'm assuming Little Serow wouldn't be participating, so that takes care of one night assuming I show up at ~5 PM. Any ideas for places I might still be able to get a reservation for a tab under $150 with one drinker? Borders: Georgetown west, Penn Quarter east, Cleveland Park/AdMo north, NoVa fine too.

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  1. Green Pig Bistro in Arlington,VA (Modern, Pork, etc)

    Myanmar in Falls Church,VA. Nothing fancy, but exceptional Burmese food. Do a search on Chowhound for recs, the ginger salad is essential.

    1. A couple places that are not participating in Restaurant Week but are still very good that might be worth checking out are Central, Cashion's Eat Place, The Source (likely can only keep it under $150 if you dine in the lounge area, which is still delicious),or Brasserie Beck.

      1. Ripple is good and it's up in Cleveland Park.