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Jan 21, 2013 08:27 PM

Paleo/Primal/Lower Carb Freezer Meals?

Hi all! I'm looking for freezer meal ideas that can roughly be called paleo, primal or grain-free low carb. Basically good food that I can easily reheat while I'm healing up after surgery. Dairy is fine. Gluten/grain/legumes are out. I've got a vacuum sealer and I know how to use it!

I've already got traditional chili, meatballs and bobotie tucked away. Any ideas would be so welcome. I'm already feeling tired of eating my own fallback cooking and it hasn't even started yet :)

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  1. Is corn ok? These cilantro lime chicken tacos look good.

    Creamy zucchini soup (freezer notes in comments).

    Chicken Canzanese

    Joelen's blog is great because there are good freezer instructions included with each recipe - where appropriate, and many of them are gluten free.

    You also might like to see my "freezables" pinterest board.
    (That's where I plucked those recipes above from).

    There's a lot that won't fit (gluten / grains, etc) but you might find some recipes to adapt.

    Best of luck with your surgery :)

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    1. re: ursy_ten

      Thanks! It's nice to see something with freezer instructions for a change!

    2. Braises; pot roast, short ribs, individual meat loaves, and lasagna made with pre baked (so not watery) eggplant and/or zucchini noodles.

      And speedy recovery to you!

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        Thanks! How dry do you get the zucchini? Do you think there's any advantage to using the dehydrator over the oven for that?

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          I've never used a deyhdrator, but that's an interesting thought. I slice, drain and blot slices of zucchini or eggplant, then high temp bake them, brushed with EVOO til pliant but not soggy any more.

      2. - quiche, frittata, egg muffins
        - pulled pork
        - coconut curries
        - stuffed cabbage (use cauliflower "rice")
        - gumbo (served over cauliflower "rice")
        - turkey burgers
        - chicken cacciatore
        - braised chicken thighs with olives, lemon & fennel
        - Moroccan-spiced chicken stew

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          Oh, lovely, cacciatore! I haven't had that in ages. And the lemon & olive chicken idea reminds me - I've got some salted preserved kumquats that might make a fun appearance! I never remember to use them. Now is as good a time as any.

        2. mousaaka (did i even come ClOsE to spelling that correctly??)

          perhaps some nice salads? it would be good to have fresh food if your system can handle it..

          1. Do you have a slow cooker? I often cook some beef shanks, or some short ribs, or a pork shoulder roast in the slow cooker, and then add some steamed or stir-fried vegetables (broccoli, spinach, kale, asparagus, etc) on the side. Then freeze those in individual portions.

            Another favorite is buffalo chicken, plus a side vegetable, frozen into small portions.

            You could also cook some simple Thai style curries and freeze into small portions. Then have some shirataki noodles on hand (they keep for a while) in the fridge. Drain the noodles, warm them up with hot water, add the heated up curry. Don't try to freeze the curry with the shirataki noodles, though! They shrivel up and get a weird texture afterwards.

            This technique works also with chicken soup -- make chicken soup, freeze it, heat it up, add noodles at time of serving. I sometimes make a Thai-esque chicken soup with lemongrass and ginger, some chicken chunks, zucchini and cauliflower, and add noodles & coconut milk & a squeeze of lime after heating it up.

            If you really want to get fancy, roast a turkey leg, pick off the meat, and freeze it with some roasted brussels sprouts (just olive oil/salt/pepper) and mashed cauliflower (with butter & sour cream). Keep the juices and add a little coconut flour to make gravy. Sugar free cranberry sauce is also very easy to make (water, cranberries, sugar substitute, some orange zest). It's very comforting to be able to "nuke" Thanksgiving when you are feeling exhausted.