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Jan 21, 2013 08:23 PM

Tomo Sushi Troy [DTW]

Tomo Sushi opened next door to the E (now H?) Mart Korean grocery at Big Beaver and Dequindre. Beautiful place. Hard core Korean staff. May soon be serving good Korean food. But, based on strong reviews from Yawn, I went for sushi and was very disappointed. Avocado was dark brown, rice-to-meat ratio was out of whack (in favor of rice, needless to say), and the flavors in general were only a slight cut above Meijer. Deep fried roll still had raw batter soaking the inner half of the rice layer.

Yes, I'll be back (hence, I don't want to out myself with too many more details), but only because I'm a shameless sushi glutton.

If you go, be sure to order one of the Special Deluxe Rolls because they are 50% off right now---of which I was informed AFTER ordering. No alcohol license. Crossing my fingers for Korean food from there. I'd have been insulted by the quality of the sushi, but the nice people genuinely didn't seem aware of how far short they were from even Michigan standards.

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  1. So then VTB, if you, er, don't mind my asking...

    *What*, exactly, is the impetus for you going back there, ever? The possibility of good Korean food? I'm a bit lost on the "I'll be back because I'm a shameless sushi glutton, but this stuff *sucks*! See you there next week!" mentality. Or lack thereof.

    Just tryin' to understands youse.

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    1. re: boagman

      :-) It may be better than the next best alternative, which would be to drive out of my way to get to a better place. Maybe I was too harsh in my evaluation, too. Yawn had built them up pretty high, so I was just a bit disappointed.

      1. re: VTB

        "Just a bit"? Is the pope "just a bit" Catholic?

        Dude! Don't condemn yourself to have to go back to this place! I'll use your own words against you:

        "DARK" and "BROWN" and "AVOCADO". Not only that, but you're trying to be too nice, here. Be a bad guy like me! Tell it like it is and don't feel a need to return! I'll go to Noble Fish with you, and you'll feel happier for it. If you're even making a comparison to Meijer sushi, know you're going to have to stop. I sort of wonder if that Esurance ad about the gas station sushi is dedicated to you, man. Scary.

        I guess you're just a far nicer person than I am, VTB. That's why you have such a lovely family.