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Jan 21, 2013 07:46 PM

Where Do the Buffalo Roam?

Any suggestions where I could purchase buffalo tongue and rib steak
in particular? Ground buffalo is good at Whole Foods, but I don't care
for the types of steaks they feature.

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  1. D'Angelo Bros in the Italian market. Definitely the steaks, not sure on the tongue, but he could get it I'm sure. I haven't bought in a while but last time I did, the ground buffalo was ground to order and half the price of WF.

    1. I have seen a vender at the Phoenixville Farmers Market selling buffalo

      1. If you are willing to travel to central bucks county there are two places raising buffalo. I have not personally purchased from either, but I know they sell direct to the public, so you certainly can talk to them about the cuts you are interested in.

        Backyard Bison (This may be the vendor that Chef Monty cited above


        Hillside Farm (


        1. CHs, you are the best! Thanks to this posting, and a similar
          one on the Kosher Board, I now have no less than 4 possibilities to explore. And, I do plan to follow up on every one. Will report results after obtaining and cooking products.

          Finding the tongue will be the hardest part, but the two buffalo
          farms would seem to be the best possibility for that.

          Our daughter used to the the Kosher Buffalo distributor for
          Ocean County, but that was quite a while ago, and I miss
          those treats.

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            I look forward to your experiences Bashful. I thought i would point you to one more place that serves a lot of buffalo (in addition to Ted's Montana grill), Buffalo Grill in Doylestown which serves a buffalo chili, bison steak sandwich, grilled salad with buffalo tips,bison burger as well as three different cuts of steak from buffalo, (filet, ny strip and delmonico). They even offer the option of bison strogonoff. Unfortunately the buffalo wings are from chicken... I have only had apps from here but it is a nice restaurant in a strip mall right down Main Street close to Cross Keys Bakeshop and the Doylestown Altomontes.


          2. Also, Fair Field Farms carries ground buffalo but may special order other cuts for you (they got me several specialty cuts - although not buffalo - for the holidays that were excellent!)