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Jan 21, 2013 03:29 PM

7 spice mixture

to make this iraqi chicken I am making my own spice mixture - first time
the recipes I found contain, pepper cumin, coriander, cloves nutmeg, cinamon, and cardamon also in there was paprika (which makes 8 go figure)
anybody have suggestions or 7 spice mixture recipes should I take out the paprika or not

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  1. Have to share this: I was in a restaurant in Montreal and one of the dishes of the day was ... "steak à sept épices" (steak with seven spices). I asked the server: "Est-ce que vous pouvez énumérer les sept épices?" (Which in this context clearly meant "Can you tell me what the seven spices are?" but could also could literally mean "Can you count the seven spices.") She dryly responded: "Oui, il y en a sept." (Yes, there are seven of them).

    1. That mix sounds like baharat. I've never heard it called seven spice, but if it is baharat, then there are different combinations of spices that go into it depending on which Middle Eastern country the recipe is from. I'd go with whatever suits your taste.

      If this is something completely different than baharat, ignore everything I just said and assume I was simply rambling to hear the sound of my own voice. :-)

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        You've hit the nail on the head. Baharat and seven spice are the same thing. What exactly goes into the mixture is highly variable. For an all purpose seven spice blend, I like a fellow CHer's Syrian recipe:
        2 parts allspice
        1 part black pepper
        1 " ground clove
        1 " ground nutmeg
        1 " paprika
        1 " ground ginger
        1 " ground cinnamon
        1 " ground coriander

        For an Iraqi recipe, I'd recommend visiting this site: