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Jan 21, 2013 03:16 PM

Where to buy veal bones for stock? Not neck bones.

Hi, I'm moving to Bloomington at the beginning of Feb (from North NJ) and have no idea of where to get fresh ingredients. The thing I'm most concerned about right now is finding veal bones for stock. I don't like using neck bones for personal reasons I won't state here, but does anyone know where I can buy veal bones for stock (shin and shoulder)?

Also if anyone has a recommendation for a place that has very fresh produce (prefer organic but can live with conventional) please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. My first thought would be Clancey's in the Linden Hills area of Minneapolis. If you are looking for anything meat related they do it.

    Other options - I would expect that any Lunds or Byerly's would be able to obtain the type of bones you are looking for if you ordered them.

    Other options:
    Everett's 38th & Cedar
    Nelsons Shady Oak Rd in Hopkins
    Von Hansens' - closest is probably in Eagan/Apple Valley

    As for produce there is a co-op in Burnsville and Linden Hills Co-op is on the Minneapolis/Edina border at 44th & France. Within a year there will be a Lakewinds Co-op at 64th & Lyndale in Richfield on the old Lyndale Garden Center site.

    Welcome to Minne!

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    1. re: bkmnus

      I don't recall ever seeing any veal products at Clancey's, although they're my first choice for pork, beef and chicken.

      I went on a search for veal bones a couple of years ago, and I came up empty. I wound up buying a veal breast from Byerly's.
      It was rather pricey, but it did make some fabulous, gelatinous veal stock.

      1. re: clk

        I faintly recall a few years ago using veal bones from Brothers Meat and Seafood up in Maple Grove - can't hurt to call and the stock did turn out nicely.

        1. re: clk

          They usually have veal stock on hand, and if you ask for something they can almost always get it for you.

          1. re: clk

            Clancey's had veal stock last time I was there (2 yrs ago). I'd call them.

            1. re: JimGrinsfelder

              Oh, interesting, I never noticed the veal stock. Is it in one of the freezer cases? Presumably veal stock means they have veal at least occasionally.

        2. In lieu of starting a new thread, what about marrow bones? I'm looking for length wise cut, for roasting. NE burbs preferred.

          I'm planning on going to Angus over in Maplewood first, but any other sources are appreciated.

          1. Veal is not carried at local coops. Clancey's may accommodate a special order. Lund's/Byerly's doesn't cut carcass beef, so I think that's also a special order scenario.
            @Big E - Marrow bones are available at local coops - those that feature carcass cutting programs.