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Jan 21, 2013 02:57 PM

Reno - Red Hut Cafe has opened a new location here

We've been driving past this for a while (they opened about two months ago) and finally went for breakfast this morning. I think it's going to be our go-to. They have three locations at South Lake Tahoe and and one in Carson City. It's very fun place with all sorts of vintage and not-vintage photos and ski paraphernalia (water and snow). We got the chicken-fried steak with two eggs, hash browns and English muffin. Everything was perfect. The CFS is hands down the most tender we've ever tasted and not overwhelmed by the breading. The gravy (we always get on the side) had plenty of meat in it and was very tasty. This was their Monday special. A special every day is chicken and waffles which will be the next thing we try. I SO highly recommend this place.

They're located at Lakeside and Moana next to Ben's where the seafood market used to be.

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  1. Thanks for the update! When I first was dating my husband he lived in South Shore and the original Red Hut cafe was a favorite....will have to check this out...especially since its very close to my new office!

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      Oh, so you're back in Reno? Good.

      Our Seattle kids, who lived at the lake for a while would sometimes eat at the South Shore one and liked it.

    2. As much as we liked our first visit, the second this morning was pretty meh unfortunately. We'd looked forward to the chicken and waffle but found out that it's prebreaded chicken "tenders." So we checked the menu and honestly didn't find anything that particularly sang to us. A lot of omelets but I make those at home quite often. Pancakes and waffles. And pretty basic egg, meat, potatoes and toast. So we went with the chicken and waffle after all. The tenders weren't even tender :) as they'd been overcooked and the waffle was nothing to write home about. I hate not being able to be positive since our first experience was so good. But the CFS is a Monday special so we'll try to hit that. The service is SO nice and it's a cheery place that seems pretty popular.

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        Took my DH to lunch there for his birthday...a natural choice since I didn't have a long lunch hour and its only a block from my office (especially now that our long-time "go to" favorite for lunch in the neighborhood, Yen Ching, is closed.) I was feeling virtuous so skipped the chicken and waffles(maybe just as well) and had the Red Hut salad (sort of a glorified Chef's salad). It was fresh and tasty, but it really should be in a larger bowl: its hard to toss in the bowl with dressing on the side when the salad overflows like that. DH had "the usual" (eggs, biscuit with gravy, and hashbrowns.) He enjoyed it. But the prices are definitely higher than I remember them from the "good old days" in Tahoe....

        The menu is definitely "meat and potatoes" centric...which is why DH had breakfast for was one of the few vegetarian options. That was disappointing....