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Jan 21, 2013 02:33 PM

Seafood restaurant near Deal, NJ now closed....

Hi, does anyone remember a seafood restaurant that was in the area of Deal NJ that was called Long John's or something like that. It was not a Long John Silver's, it was a nautical decorated really nice restaurant where the servers would bring piping hot popovers to your table all through your meal. I know it's gone now and probably has been for a very long time. Just wondering if that was the name of it and if anyone else was lucky enough to dine there in it's day.


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  1. To the best of my knowledge there hasn't been a restaurant in the Deal area (Norwood Ave/Rte 71 or the beachfront) by that name.

    There was a Long Johns in the Highlands that was pretty good back in the day (mid to late 70's). Lobster nites, seafood buffets, etc - proposed to my 'now wife' one night after dining there.

    That's probably the place you're thinking of - though I may be wrong.

    1. I believe Just Jake is correct. Long John's in the Highlands was over by the Clam Hut. They had a giant boat shaped salad bar in the center of the restaurant and I remember that when they brought you a house salad they had little shrimp on top of it. The waiters used to walk around the restaurant with a metal basket that kept the popovers warm.

      Growing up in Deal in the 70's, I don't remember there being any restaurants in town. Mr. C's was primarily a bar. Sometime in the 90's their focus shifted to more of a restaurant, but then they moved to the Allenhurst Beach Club.

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        Mr.C's turned into an excellent restaurant in the 90's! I gave them a few tries since the move but I don't care for the menu or enviroment of the beach club location.

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          Mr. C's was severely damaged in Hurrican Sandy...lost the whole bar. Don't know when they will reopen.

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            That was the only draw to me of the new place. That bar was pretty cool over looking the water head on.

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              I loved that bar, too. Ironically, my favorite time to go there was when storms hit. It was really dramatic and fun.

      2. I see that Mr. C's has returned to its former space in Deal while it waits for ABC to rebuild. Anyone interested in taking one for the team and checking it out this weekend? It's called Chic's Place, but according to FB, it is the same people who will be running the outside grill at ABC this summer.

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          Really? Very interesting.....I use to love the old Mr. C's, not the same feel at the ABC. Although I will say the bar there was pretty cool.

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            Hopefully Chic's new old place is as good as Mr.C's was in the 90's when Chic and karen were running it

          2. I loved that place. The popovers were great. Went several times with my BF in the early-mid 1980s...

            1. Hi, Just came across this really old post. I used to work at a long Johns Limited in Atlantic Highlands when i was in high school. It was a very nice restaurant on the Sandy Hook Bay. It had a dock that allowed boaters to dock and eat in the restaurant or on the patio. Good times!