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Jan 21, 2013 01:14 PM

Mani Osteria-Ann Arbor-thoughts?

I have read a few reviews over the last year (mainly positive). I am going to take a group of my daughter's college friends to Mani Osteria? I am interested in anyone's recent reviews. Thanks.

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  1. I like the pizzas there. Try the pickled tomatoes. Also, the owner just opened a Mexican tapas place next door that I tried the other night. It was great - best fish tacos I have ever had. Both restaurants are run by the same chef Brendan McCall, who I have loved since his days at Everyday Food.

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      Thank you for the reply!

      One other question:

      We were looking for a breakfast choice. Have already been to Zingerman's, Cafe Zola and Angelo's. Hear great things about Afternoon Delight. Any comments? Also any other suggestions?

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        I'm curious about the reply. I've had nearly vile dinners and lunches at Afternoon Delight (pasty, odd tasting dishes, etc.) - are the breakfasts better? It is a different taste and food technology, maybe they are?

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            This would be my choice as well. Get the apple pancakes. Or just go back to Zingermans! Zingerman's Roadhouse also serves breakfast.

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            Mani is great! I actually like their pastas better than the pizza, but everything is really, really good. Love the atmosphere.

            For breakfast, I would recommend the new Songbird Cafe on Plymouth Rd. I've only been here once, for lunch, but excellent espresso drinks and the breakfast menu is reasonably priced. (Although it does say "Coming soon" for a portion of the breakfast menu. I would call ahead?) Very nice inside, as well.

            Enjoy! Very nice of you to take out your daughter and her friends!

        1. Mani is really the closest thing in Ann Arbor to a NYC style restaurant, the pizza is really good.

          a suggestion for breakfast - but only on Friday morning Selma

          Zola & Northside are my favorites for breakfast

          Franks for greasy spoon breakfast
          on Maynard between William & Liberty

          1. Mani is great, and good for a group. Their pizzas are nice; except for the pepperoni I've enjoyed all that I've tried there. The pork belly dish is wonderful.

            For breakfast, have you tried zingerman's roadhouse?

            1. I really like it. It's certainly the most 'happening" spot in Ann Arbor (read: always quite crowded). Also depending on how large your group is, they have a cool private room behind the bar (with a window looking out on to the bar and the restaurant).

              In terms of food, my fiance and I are obsessed with the beans and lentils appetizer (seriously SO good). The meatballs and garganelli are also delicious.

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                Thank you and everyone for the replies. I am going to book a reservation!